Channel C operation is urgent.

Channel C operation is urgent.

The online media “Channel C” declared an “emergency”. Channel C mentioned last night (8th) YouTube Live, that the monthly operating costs of the media are as high as 600,000 yuan, but the number of member subscriptions is not ideal, and the money on hand is only enough to operate for a month. Once enough money has been raised, Channel C will close its operations on July 12, which is the day of its 2nd anniversary. Channel C said there are currently “standard” and “light” paid membership plans, with a monthly fee as low as 38 yuan. Channel C’s Director of Multimedia Production, Chen Langsheng, who is also the chairman of the Association of Journalists, said this morning (9th) that he did not dare to say too long-term, but he hoped that this “crisis” could take 3 months additional operating time.

Chen Langsheng, Director of Multimedia Production of Channel C, who is also the chairman of the Association of Journalists, expressed this morning (9th) on the commercial program “Leave on a Sunny Day” that he understands that the outside world thinks that their operating costs relatively high. He explained that many online media are mostly text reports, but Channel C mostly asks for video reports, and colleagues need to go out for interviews. “Someone needs to shoot, someone needs to edit, and someone needs to help digest the news”, so the cost is relatively high. Chen Langsheng said that after the launch of the membership system, all Channel C content will still be open to the public for free, but if the number of paid members is low, it will always be difficult to make ends meet together.

Chen Langsheng said that the company explained the company’s financial situation to employees earlier, stating that if employees are employed outside, they can consider finding another job; he said that some colleagues have left, and there are only 2 or 3 people left in the real-time news department. “The real thing is the live broadcast and me, and I’m the writing.”

Chen Langsheng reminded that citizens must pay for subscriptions through a third-party payment platform authorized by Channel C, and do not support with cash or large donations, otherwise they may be suspected of “suspicious transactions”, money laundering money or even illegal crowdfunding.

In mid-2021, the National Security Department of the police searched Next Media, “Apple Daily” and others closed their operations, and Channel C also opened on July 12, 2021, stating that it was founded by former Apple employees “and belongs to the media of the period one “Post-Next Media”. Channel C included video reports, among them the “reporter” “Apple” News was also an employee of Channel C, and the videos reported by him every time has been popular. In addition, Channel C uses the column “Jianghu Express” to follow news from social groups from time to time. It is one of the few media in Hong Kong that still to follow news from social groups and trios.

Text / reporter “Yahoo News”.


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