Chao Khun Prasarn points to the power of the governing body Decide whether the preceptor ordained “Sor Sor Tor” has been penalized or not.

Chao Khun Prasarn points to the power of the governing body Decide whether the preceptor ordained “Sor Sor Tor” has been penalized or not.

In the case of Police Lieutenant Norwich Buadok, Group Commander, 2nd Battalion, Commanding Division 1, Crowd Protection and Control Division (Kor. 1, Commander-in-Chief of Police, D.C.A.) riding a Big Bike Duka Ti Chon, MD. Waralak Supawatchariyakul or Dr. Rabbit, Ophthalmologist, Department of Ophthalmology Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University while walking across the crosswalk until causing death Subsequently, Pol. Lt. Col. Norawit and Pol. Lt. Nikhom Buadok, police at Pathumwan Police Station, the father of the accused attend the ordination ceremony at Wat Pariwat Ratchasongkhram to dedicate a charity to Dr. Rabbit which caused the current criticism in society that it can be done or not

On January 25, Phra Methee Thammachan, or Chao Khun Prasarn Chanthasaro, secretary-general of the National Center for the Protection of Buddhism (Funeral Prof.), gave an interview to Matichon online that In such a case, the preceptor must consider 3 factors, namely: 1. Discipline according to the Tripitaka Volume 4, which has set the prohibition and qualifications. by one of them Is there a criminal escaping case?

2. Preceptor will be considered from the intentions of the monks and 3. How does society consider this?

“Ordination is a matter of cleansing the mind. It is about living for the sake of chastity. should not take the matter of ordination as a method for something I would like to see the ordination go for true purity,” said Phra Methee Thammachan.

Phra Methee Thammacharn continued that while the matter was still hot There are still litigation cases. Should prosecute as a layperson would be more appropriate. Being ordained as a monk is a new ordained monk. have to do a lot of clergy You have to pray both physically and mentally. But this has to give testimony to the police, to go to court. Will there be time to worship? intent of ordination the suitability that the protesting society should listen to

“In the Vinaya, there is a criminal interpretation. Multiple criminal escapes both saw that he could ordain or not Therefore, in today’s society, one should look at the next issue, which is the intent of ordination. Appropriateness and social trends are also elements,” said Phra Methee Thammachan.

As for the preceptor will have to be penalized as well or not Phra Methee Thammacharn said that if there was a dispute It is a matter of a primate who is a higher level ruler. must consider But if looking only at the issue of escaping criminal cases should not cause the preceptor to be punished by this incident because the judgment of the case is not yet final Therefore, there may still be time to pray.

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