“Chao Laem” closes the training course confidently overturns the Cuedras to win the world championship.

“Chaolaem” Sisaket Nakhon Luang Promotion Former World Champion of Thailand The world’s first runner-up has completed a 190 rounds training course and is ready for the World Boxing Council (WBC) 115-pound vacant championship with former runner-up Carlos Cuedras on Sunday. February 6, Thai time. This time, it is considered to meet again in 7 years. Let’s get it back. Confident in the power of the left fist, if Kuedras hits the stretcher for sure within the 9th round, while “Xia Hui” Surachat Phisitwuttinan celebrity manager Guaranteeing the readiness of boxing in a spell, even if you haven’t fought for a long time, but don’t worry about the stage because you practice all the time. Pointing out that this Jango boxing match is starting to get a little late. Believing that the sarcasm has gone, Chao Laem will be able to defeat it for sure or not.

It’s getting closer and closer for the 115lb Super Flyweight World Championship. World Boxing Council (WBC) between “Chao Laem” Sisaket Nakhon Luang Promotion 1st runner-up meets Carlos Cuedras, ninth runner-up which the fight will take place at Footprint Center, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, on the morning of Sunday, February 6, Thai time, Thairath TV channel 32 Live broadcast to watch the time 9.45 a.m. onwards

For the latest movement of Chao Laem Still doing light training at the Nakhon Luang Promotion Boxing Camp. Rattanathibet area, Nonthaburi province, with “Sia Hui” Surachat Phisitwuttinan Celebrity manager and trainer pop The smart son took care of each other. Which Sia Hui revealed to “Siam Sport” that we have been waiting for the time to take revenge for 7 years for this meeting. After Sisaket was defeated in 2014, but before getting the exact fight queue, he had to wait for a long time until he was bored as well. He could only console Sisaket to understand the situation. The team has switched boxing in the camp into a pair of gloves replicated from Cuedras. Because he believed that he should expand the power of Sisaket’s left fist as before, he was unlikely to challenge him.

“I watched the first six rounds. He will be in danger in the beginning and end. If it’s past the first 6 rounds, the chance will be ours for sure. Our stamina is definitely not exhausted. As for whether to knock or not, it’s up to the chance of not having a fever for sure.” Xia Hui revealed.

On the other hand, Chao Laem, the world’s first runner-up, revealed that he had been preparing for this fight for a year. He’s had about 190 rounds in his gloves and knows how to fight the Cuedras. who believed that he would escape more than before because he knew the poison of his left fist well which he is confident that he will knock out Cuedras not more than round 9. The weight now is still over 3 kg. which was no problem as there were still a few days left. I regretted having an accident before. He had waited for this time for up to 7 years to bring the world champion back to Thailand again.

For Sisaket and Nakhon Luang Promotion team will travel to test for COVID-19 at Vibhavadi Hospital including vaccination which will have a certificate On Tuesday, January 25, according to the rules of the World Boxing Council (WBC) before traveling to the United States. In the morning of Wednesday, January 26 to prepare in advance

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