“Chao Laem” knocks out “Cuedras” round 9

The Boxing Council of Asia (WBC Asia) by Col. Thanapon Phakdipoom and his team travel to send Sisaket Nakhon Luang Promotion to fly to America for the WBC World Championship. Super flyweight 3rd edition with Thai cloth and good wishes from Pol. Gen. Kowit Phakdeepoom, Vice-President of the World Boxing Council (WBC) wishing success for Chao Laem Lannock Cuedra S. Lift 9 after 7 years of worrying.

time 06.00 N.yesterday’s at Suvarnabhumi Airport.Samut Prakan.A.Thanapon Phakdeepoom, Executive Secretary of the Asian Boxing Council(WBC Asia) , Mr. Kevin Noon, Secretary General , Mr. Surapoj Pongjivanich and Mr. Popthorn Rungsamai, Public Relations Department, traveled toChao LaemSisaket Nakhon Luang Promotion according to the appointment ofBig GoGeneral.T.A.Kowit Phakdipoom, Vice President of the World Boxing Council and chairman of the Asian Boxing Council

side.A.Thanaphon congratulates Chao Laem From Big Go’s best wishes, I asked him to use his concentration, consciousness, and wisdom to bring his long-awaited determination. 7 years to get the victory back. Make a reputation for the country again At the same time, special Thai fabrics from Doi Tung were donated. To show concern and to symbolize the Thai people’s heart, fight with them.

As for the traveling team of Chao Laem Mee 4 people led byXiao HuiSurachat Phisitwuttinan , Mrs. Pranee Phisitwuttinun , “Coach PopMr. Chokchai Phisitwuttinun , Mr. Taishi Aoshima Foreign Language Interpreter Travel by Japan Airlines flights JL708 The machine is out today time 08.05 N. Head to Narita Airport, Japan before continuing on to Los Angeles, USA.

Chao Laem announcedHe will overthrow the Cuedras in the round. 9 because from the experience of having met when 7 Last year, we knew each other’s strength well. which Cuedras was an early horse, but the strength at the end was not good. like the last fight in the lift 8 being smelted by him, pretending he won’t survive But came to have an accident, the head collided with the wound before causing the referee to stop the fight and combine the scores to decide himself to lose, unfortunately Even though a single wound As for the fact that he is a left-handed boxer and Cuedras is a right-handed boxer, chances are there will be another accident. He has adjusted his fighting style as well. Ask boxing fans to follow on stage

Xia Hui said.Chao Laem put down the gloves as scheduled. have everything ready, both physically and mentally even though the present age 36 It’s been a year, but when compared to fighters, I think it’s not that different. It is also believed that in the late end of Edras, there will be a faint. Chao Laem is able to dictate the war according to the plan for sure. In addition, other fight plans have been adjusted as well. Ask Thai boxing fans to follow and cheer. will not disappoint

For information of Chao Laem is a former world champion WBC Super flyweight version (115 pound) 2 modern times 36 Year, wrestling statistics, wins 50 (knock 43) lose 5 always 1 up to the world championship WBC Super flyweight version (empty space) with old rivalsstriped backCarlos Cuedras, Mexican 33 Year, wrestling statistics, wins 39 (knock 27) lose 4 always 1 that Chao Laem used to lose and lost the first world championship in a questionable way last year 2014 in Mexico, where the two will meet on 5 February 2565 at Footprint Center, Arizona, USA as the show’s main antagonist.

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