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Character Escape 60 Minutes Escape + Investigation-20211023-CULTURE & LEISURE

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[Ming Pao News]An average of 3 hours is required for a script to kill a game, and some scripts are even as long as 6 hours. For busy urbanites, it is indeed not easy to spend half a day on vacation to play. Some companies combine the elements of room escape and script killing to launch a new gameplay “role escape” with a time limit of 60 minutes, allowing everyone to experience role-playing and to enjoy the excitement of investigating crimes.

LOST, the company that specializes in escape rooms, has joined the character escape in its new branch in Repulse Bay this time. Compared with the scripted kills with rich characters, is the one-hour character escape story too thin? Rick, one of the founders of LOST, said that instead of receiving a lot of opinions, he thought that LARP was too time-consuming. “We hope that the guests will leave with a sense of joy and endless aftertaste, instead of 3 or 4 hours of games. The climax is over. When it is over, everyone feels tired and has no energy, so 1 hour is just right.” Another character escaped. There is no gender restriction to kill, suitable for 4 to 8 people to participate, and it is easier to form a group.

Easy to organize a group without hosting

“A good script kill has high requirements for the host. If he does not lead well, the atmosphere is easy to be dull or easy to play.” Rick said that compared to LARP, there is no game host for the role escape. Part of the time is dominated by the player. LOST staff will regularly enter the room as another person, ask the player’s progress when not in the play, and give guidance in due course.

Like script kills, there are murders in this original character escape game “The Will” (The Will), which tells about a bizarre murder in a castle with a complex structure and hidden institutions. The rhythm of the game is tight, and there are more links to reshape the truth than the room escape, and some common mechanisms of the room escape, such as unlocking the code lock. Through solving mysteries, opening agencies, and searching for evidence, everyone finds out the mastermind together and investigates the whole story of the case.

■LOST The Pulse

Address: Shop B102, The Pulse, 28 Beach Road, Repulse Bay

Price: “Character Escape” game “Legacy” $250/person

Enquiry: 6037 5945


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