Charles Hoskinson Responds to Rumors of Potentially Failing “Vasil Hardfork” Upgrades

Charles Hoskinson CEO Input Output’s Twitter has responded to rumors of an upcoming Vasil hard fork upgrade, claiming that the blockchain’s smart contacts will continue to function. After a long awaited upgrade

On Wednesday, some Twitter users began claiming that Cardano’s Smart Contact was incompatible with the Vasil Hard Fork, which was why the script had to be rewritten.

Input Output’s vice president of communities and ecosystems, Tim Harrison, quickly responded to these rumors. He explained that current decentralized applications (dApps) using the first version of Plutus’ Smart Contact platform will still be compatible. After upgrading Vasil

For developers who want to take advantage of the upgrades offered by Plutus V2 will want to apply and deploy them in their applications. They may need to be re-examined. due to some code changes

The Vasil Hardfork upgrade is expected to improve Plutus scripts with the addition of reference inputs, inline datums, and reference scripts.

However, the official launch of the Vasil Hardfork is expected to take place at the end of July.

Earlier this week, Hoskinson said in a tweet that the launch of the hard fork would usher in a new wave on the blockchain.

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