Chasing a 27-year-old boy, 11 shots, dead in the parking lot Muang Kan police rush to investigate the brutal murder

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29 Nov 2021 1:41 p.m.

A gunman rides a motorcycle, blocks a pickup in the middle of a red light intersection. Come quarrel with the big girl driver Before chasing after shooting a 27-year-old man who tried to run away Finally got knocked out of the body for 11 shots and died in the parking lot. Muang Kanchanaburi Investigate the cause of the murder

At 07:45 on 29 November 64 at 07.45 on 29 November 64 Pol Lt. Col. Sukon Rasiam, Inspector (Investigation), Muang Kanchanaburi Police Station, received a notification from the police. Lt. Col. Prasai Pathomphethai, head of the checkpoint at Pak Phraek sub-district, said a man shot and killed another man with a gun at the Wang Saraphi Plaza parking lot, Moo 9, Pak Phraek Subdistrict, after being informed of the incident. Pol Col Somkiat Chomchai, Superintendent of Kanchanaburi Police Station, Pol Col Phakin Saenput, Superintendent of Kanchanaburi Provincial Police Station, Pol Lt. Col. Senee Wechpat, Deputy Superintendent of Muang Kanchanaburi Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Wasin Plaisiri, Deputy Superintendent of Muang Kanchanaburi Police Station, Pol. Lt. Col. Supakit Maha Chokthian, Investigator, Mueang Kanchanaburi Police Station, Pol.Marat Chattan, Senator, Mueang Kanchanaburi Police Station with investigative staff Kanchanaburi City Police Station police patrol officer traffic police Muang Kanchanaburi Police Station Pol. Lt. Col. Suthee Chimplee, scientist, Sorbor.3, Provincial Police Department, Kanchanaburi Province, doctor on duty, Phaholpolphayuhasena Hospital and volunteer staff of Phitakkan Foundation Rushed to investigate the scene. and an autopsy at the scene

The body of the deceased was found lying on his back. wearing a black short sleeve t-shirt wearing trousers With a pair of slippers falling, the body was shot with a 9 mm gun. At the scene, it was found in a parking lot. Wang Saraphi Plaza, Village No. 9, Pak Phraek Subdistrict, has the body of Mr. Ampon Yungthong, 27 years old, villagers in Khok Sa-at Sub-district, Si Thep District, Phetchabun Province, wearing a black round-neck T-shirt. blue gray jeans Lie on your back, left leg crossed on right leg. The left hand is placed on the abdomen. lying in a pool of blood Initial examination of the corpse found that The corpse was shot in the amount of 9 bullets, 2 shots in the rib cage, 2 backs, 1 occipital, 1 eye socket, 1 left temple, 1 left ear, 1 left arm, died near the back of the MG sedan, gray bronze color, registration A. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration found the shoes of the deceased 2 meters from the body

From the surrounding inspection, 11 casings of 9 mm guns fell to the ground, so officers kept them as evidence. In addition, the steel door of a commercial building was also found damaged by a crossfire in two booths. Meanwhile, a woman was found fainting near the scene of the accident, with blood stained on her clothes. Officers of Phithakkan Foundation Nursing Unit Must watch closely for symptoms due to fear of shock, known as Mrs. Rotchana Chewee, 50 years old, villagers in Village No. 2, Wang Yen Subdistrict, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province.

Mrs. Rotchana said that she and the deceased were friends. and is on his way to vaccinate with 2 needles of COVID-19 at Phahon Phon Phayuhasena Hospital. The deceased had a farming occupation in Phetchabun province. But while Mrs. Rotchana was telling the story, she had a fainting sensation. The police were then taken to the investigation room. Kanchanaburi City Police Station to rest and waited for him to calm himself before conducting another thorough questioning. For the body of the deceased after the officer completed the initial investigation. Therefore, it was taken to Phahon Hospital before being sent to the forensic medical institution.

150 meters away from the place where the body was found, at the Wang Saraphi red light intersection, a white Isuzu pick-up car, license plate number 1849 Kanchanaburi of Mrs. Rojana was parked at the Wang Saraphi red light intersection. By the car parked in the manner running from the side 3 at the red light intersection, Tha Lo, Tha Muang district, when arriving at the red light 4 at Wang Saraphi intersection, drive along the right lane to turn to Nong Khao Subdistrict, Phanom Thuan District, Kanchanaburi Province by Traffic officials blocked the cones and facilitated traffic due to the high volume of vehicles. The pickup truck contained 4 sacks of glutinous rice.

The man selling garlands at the Wang Saraphi intersection said that while he was walking to sell garlands, saw the perpetrator of the attack was a tall white man, but his face was not visible because he was wearing a helmet. The man was riding a white Honda Wave motorcycle. Don’t know the license plate number and parked on the right in front. Then got out of the car and tried to open the driver’s side car door. During that time, he heard a female driver arguing with the male perpetrator. Not long after, he saw the deceased man opened the left door and ran away. When the perpetrator saw him, he rode. The motorcycle quickly followed up with an arrow. and then used a firearm to shoot until death at the scene After causing the incident, he saw the assailant riding a motorcycle and fled by heading into the city of Kanchanaburi.

Currently, the police are interrogating Ms. Rotchana. In order to find the cause of this incident, it will also inspect images from CCTV cameras installed near the scene of the accident as well as along the route used by the assailant to escape. and believe that Mrs. Rotjana to recognize the perpetrators of the crime Expect to be able to follow up and arrest soon.

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