‘Chatchat’ dressed up for a trip to the Ong Ang Canal to celebrate the ‘Diwali Festival’, raising ‘Little India’, the world’s destination, that wants to sell ‘sell’

Fully decorated ‘Conversation’ to celebrate ‘Diwali Festival’ Use of Ong Ang Canal to benefit ‘Little India’ area, Tourism Authority of Thailand destination – who wants to sell anything?

On October 21, in Phahurat Khlong Ong Ang, the Bangkok Diwali Festival was presided over by the Governor of Bangkok Chatchat Sittiphan, together with Dr. Cholanan Srikaew, leader of the party in Thailand, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Committee, Bangkok Council Members and other related persons as well

Atmosphere at 5:50 pm Mr Chatchat and his team arrived at the event. By entering to pay homage to Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. before visiting the fair

Later, at 6:20 pm, Mr Chatchat gave the opening remarks on the main stage. and award prizes to event sponsors

Mr Chatchat said Tonight is a night of happiness. The festival is the strength of Thailand and Bangkok. which is a multicultural city We have a variety of cultures. Thai brothers of very strong Indian descent There is a Chinese Yaowarat area. who live together seamlessly

Bangkok must take this point to expand further. Building the identity of each area to be strong. With Little India, Chinatown, we can mix everyone together. it is believed to perform diwali festival is an annual festival Let’s celebrate Diwali together. The government has already made the Ong Ang Canal. We use the Ong Ang canal for benefit.

“We have to have this festival often. to stimulate the economy cause the spending Let the people come to trade Not just for brothers and sisters of Indian descent. But people around here who want to sell anything can sell it. create an atmosphere Bringing smiles back to everyone economic recovery stimulate spending and it’s central to our culture here.” Mr Chatchat said

About the “Festival of Diwali” or the Festival of Lights This is the biggest celebration for people of Indian descent. Indian group in Thailand and related persons Held from October 21-23 in the Little India area. From Phahurat Road area, Khlong Ong Ang, Iron Bridge and related areas

Promote and support festivals in Little India To come back alive and colorful as the main festival of the year in the capital of Thailand. it can be a source of learning in the way of life, society, and various cultures can stimulate the economy Supporting entrepreneurs, the business sector, the trade sector, the people of the area and to make Little India one of the traveller’s destinations. as well as being a valuable cultural attraction for Bangkok It is also a celebration of diplomatic relations between the Kingdom of Thailand. and the Republic of India, which celebrates its 75th birthday in 2022.