“Chatchat” told the Ministry of Transport to fix the traffic system. Trouble with the green line, lots of debt, collect 59, just short-term solutions

Bangkok governor joins the committee of communication pave the way to solve the traffic system in the city – perimeter Get the chest to solve the green line knot. Comes with hundreds of millions of debt. Jang to collect 59 baht throughout the line, just a short-term fix, pointing out that the joint ticket does not help to fix the structure Just facilitate the payment, talk to the president of Bangkok Thanakom. Knocking progress, July 2

Today (June 30) at the National Assembly, there is a meeting of the Commission (KMUTT) on transportation. House of Representatives with Mr. Sophon Saram, Member of Parliament for Buriram Pride Thai Party As the chairman of the committee chair the meeting An important agenda was to consider the policy guidelines for the development of public transport in Bangkok and its vicinity, led by Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok. attend the meeting to clarify details on various issues

Mr. Sophon said that he invited Mr. Chatchat to come today. because I would like to see the change in transportation management in the whole system During the term of office of Bangkok Governor. We would like to hear what Mr. Chatchat will do. The committee will be able to support if there are any legal issues. to make work go on if the opinions agree The Governor of Bangkok can appoint a person with knowledge and abilities to work with the Committee. in the study of Bangkok’s transportation

Mr. Chatchat said that if we look at the work in the transport policy It is a policy of 1 in 9 areas of Bangkok. roaming which we are preparing to build an intelligent traffic light system using technology in conjunction with the police There will be traffic control cameras, landing, paying tickets or fines. There is also an improvement in road conditions to draw the municipality to help traffic in Bangkok. In the future, there may be an idea of ​​transferring the traffic police directly to Bangkok. But there are still missions that are still intertwined. You have to see how ready it will be if you have already transferred. Bangkok has already transferred firefighters. the public transport system BMA has an idea to run its own buses at some additional points. Together with the Bangkok Mass Transit Organization (BMTA), where the BMA will request a permit from the Department of Land Transport. to take additional buses in some routes with the BMTA At the same time, the number of buses for people with disabilities will be increased as well.

Mr. Chatchat said that the most difficult problem is the Green Line train. BMA will have 2 trains to take care of, namely 1. Metro Gray Line Watcharaphon – Thonglor section and during Phra Khanong – Rama 3 Along the expressway including Indra At Narong-Rama 3 and 2. Silver Line, Bangna-Suvarnabhumi section Now there is an idea that the construction of large projects must be invested by the government. because Bangkok does not have experts If Bangkok is the owner of more trains It will become separate from the combined transportation system from the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) if it can be combined to create a ticket of the same price or a joint ticket and has a sole proprietor. Like Hong Kong or England, so the 2 train lines that Bangkok takes care of. Will negotiate whether the government can take care of it alone or not.

for the Green Line The problem is being solved. Because the contract will expire in 2029, but accidentally renewed the contract in advance from 2029-2042 in hiring a private car When a contract is binding with the private sector have to look at the conditions that We cannot do anything more than necessary. Including the burden of debt that the government invested and then transferred to Bangkok Including the debt that the car hired for about 100,000 million baht that is still unpaid But have to consider again how to divide the payment This is a fact that has already happened. We must continue to care.

Mr. Chatchat mentioned the proposal to keep the train fare in the ceiling of not more than 59 baht that The train is divided into 3 parts. Extension 1, we collect a fare of 15 baht. As for the egg yolk, the fare is 44 baht. But the 2nd extension never keeps it. But it’s not free because Bangkok hires a private car to run. The Thailand Development Research Institute, TDRI, therefore proposes to extend the ceiling to no more than 59 baht in all 3 parts. Meanwhile, the Consumers’ Organization Council said that only 3% of the population used electric trains. In which, if the people’s tax is spent on this part, it may not be fair. Confirm that the concept of collecting fare ceiling is not more than 59 baht It’s only a short-term solution in the second extension. for the Consumer Council’s proposal that allows to collect the ceiling fare of not more than 44 baht therefore it is difficult Because just in the egg yolk part, collecting 44 baht is already a loss. In addition, the joint ticket concept Don’t misunderstand that it can be a solution to the problem of electric train prices. because the joint ticket is only for facilitating payment but does not change the price structure At present, various technology systems are used. Just use a credit card, you can use the service anywhere.

Subsequently, after the discussion was completed at 12:00 noon Mr. Sophon gave an interview that As a legislator We would like to work with the Bangkok governor, which is to come to x-ray the problems and rules. that are problems and obstacles in operating in Bangkok The committee will set up a sub-committee to study and solve problems in a systematic way. By the way, the Bangkok governor will send people to join as a sub-committee.

While Mr. Chatchat said that the work of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration must coordinate with many agencies, including the government. because many things are not within our power. including various laws Sometimes it may need to be revised to keep the law up-to-date. able to answer the questions of Bangkok people Therefore, it is considered a good vision that the committee has invited because in the end, the people will benefit. and setting up a sub-committee in order to see the problem and solve it As for the problem of fare on the Green Line train There should be some progress next week. He will meet with Mr. Thongthong Chantrangsu, president of Bangkok Thanakom Company Limited (KT) on July 2nd.


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