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๐๐๐ CHAYO is not involved.

Almost got a job!! And after getting the name of the debt management business CHAYO Allowing customers to “transfer money before loan approval through” causing confusion for real customers and not customers because some people have already transferred money and lost it.

This is a big deal and affects the image. “Suksan Yasin” Unacceptable…because it comes to investigate the story criminal Spoof – impersonate a name “Capital of Chayo” being a subsidiary to cheat Until the victims were believed and the damage that followed, as far as I heard, it counted 10 cases and probably up to 50 more.

If it is “real”, the steps are transparent through the application. identity authentication and important customers There is no need to pay management fees first All until approved by receiving money. and pay through the company only

Importantly, warn customers urgently – people and proceed to report prosecutions in the whole area. The Cyber ​​Police and the National Police Agency have already taken it.

do it like this Scam – damage – waste of time Because these days, just preparing to build a portfolio of one hundred thousand million baht in debt in 2013, he is busy, not including having to take care of the stocks invested as a major shareholder.


Thai stocks started this week quietly. It fluctuated within a narrow range throughout the day after no new support. This week, the main highlight is the Fed meeting to capture a signal on how long the US interest rate trend will rise.

The index closed at 1,681.22 points, down 0.08 points, reaching an intraday high of 1,685.24 points and a low of 1,676.51 points, trading value at 54,952.17 million baht.

Foreign investors sell 1,068.24 Million baht Institutional investors buy 572.38 million baht, portfolio brokers buy 214.79 million baht and buy investors 281.06 million baht


Election signals are becoming increasingly clear. After graciously ordering 2 children’s law to prepare the way for new elections, doing “Building shares” look particularly good receive new investments that will happen in the future Stock price rises together just like

Led by all the big legs of the groupSino-Thai Public Engineering and Construction Company Limited (STEC) closed at 14.30 baht, up 0.50 baht or 3.62%, Karnchang Public Company Limited (CK) closed at 22.80 baht, up 0.10 baht or 0.44%, Italian-Thai Plc. Development (ITD) closed at 2.08 baht, up 0.04 baht or 1.96%


Watch out for the big deal, Kasikorn Bank (KBANK) is selling shares in Kasikorn Asset Management Co, Ltd (KAsset) after rumors of the deal closing. Aiming to realize additional profit to come this year. Is it true or not? And who will you sell it to? Will it be according to current news or not? wait and follow


partShares of Central Pattana Public Company Limited (CPN). Staying in positive territory all day, close at 72 baht, up 1.50 baht or 2.13%. after reporting that the number of service users has returned to 85-90% since before the outbreak of COVID Although management has announced a 5-year business plan, targeting average annual revenue growth of 14-16%, and this year, it will return to selling assets to CPNREIT for the first time since the outbreak.


stock sideBumrungrad Hospital plc (BH) Also closed at 214 baht, up 2 baht or 0.94% after this year’s business outlook was bright. The number of foreign patients continued to improve. Until the management sees this year the income will return to grow to 2 digits ever.


It can be called the golden year of the IPO. after small and large companies marched into the busy market since the beginning of the year Recently beat another price. Nutrition SC Public Company Limited (NTSC) Manufacturer, importer and distributor of raw materials, additives and additives in human food and animal feed. Find the selling price of 26.25 baht per share. By preparing to open for orders from 1-3 February and will start trading on the MAI market on February 9


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