Chechen Republic leader sends 14, 15 and 16-year-old sons to the front line in Ukraine

Chechen Republic leader sends 14, 15 and 16-year-old sons to the front line in Ukraine

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On October 3, Mr. Ramzan Kadyrov, Leader of the Chechen Republic south of Russia In a message posted on the Telegram chat app, the leader’s three sons will travel to the front of Ukraine. to fight with Russian forces, called “special military operations”

leader of the Chechen Republic


“Youth should not interfere with the training of our Paternal Protector, but Ahmat 16 years old, Eli 15 years old and Adam 14 years old, grandson of Ahmat-Khaji Kadyrov The first president of the Chechen Republic of Russian heroes (Mr. Ramsan’s father) began to train soldiers for a long time, almost young. Shooting a gun is not enough. also learned to use various weapons Use weapons in all ranges and theoretical basis In the training base of the Russian Special Forces University (Sptznaz), I have always believed that The main goal of every father is to instill gratitude and teach them to protect the people and the Father if they want peace. Prepare for war!

“Ahmad, Eli and Adam are ready to use their skills in the special military operations area. And I’m not kidding The time has come to appear in the real war. And this is their wish. I’m happy They will go to the front line soon and they will be the most complex areas of the front line.

“I would like to address the speculation that my relatives did not take part in special military operations. and in the near future You will have the opportunity to be in the same place as these boys and make sure that Ahmat is strong! show your spirit your ideology and what you are to prove that you are a man at least

“I would like to mention those of you who criticize We are Chechen warriors on sofas in front of computers in Europe. Come on, come to Ukraine, make us believe you don’t wear skirts and don’t sneak behind them. we believe that even a minor can crush you to smithereens. Because you have no soul, no honor or dignity waiting for you!” Mr. Kadyrov said

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