Check 3 tips for “hypertension patients” to prepare their bodies for the covid-19 vaccine.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, spokesman for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), revealed recommendations forhigh blood pressure patientstoCovid-19 vaccination that patients with 7 congenital diseases, includinghigh blood pressure Should get vaccinated against COVID-19 Because it will reduce the severity of infection. which today has gathered advice and guidelines from the doctor

In addition, a spokesperson for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration showed an infographic titled “Preparing for Hypertension Patients” are as follows

1. Taking medication to treat chronic diseases can eat normally No exceptions are required before and after injections. and should have enough rest

2. Control blood pressure Not more than 140/90 mm Hg. before vaccination by reducing stress, controlling diet, and avoiding other risk factors

3. 2-4 hours after vaccination, refrain from activities or vigorous exercise.

For patients taking antiplatelet drugs or anticoagulants, do not vaccinate or should be at the discretion of the physician

“The vaccination can have a few side effects. You should always keep an eye on your symptoms. If there are any adverse reactions, you should immediately see a doctor or call 1669, “said Pol.Lt.C.P. Pongsakorn.

meanwhile Department of Disease Control has issued a practice “Patients with high blood pressure” are as follows

1. Stay at home, avoid going out. Participate in group activities. If necessary, keep a distance of 2 meters.

2. Wear a mask or use a cloth to cover your nose

3 Wash your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.

4. Should clean the house. Objects that are touched frequently every day

5.Separate food and personal utensils from other people.

6. Should eat cooked food. Avoid eating sweet, oily, salty foods.

7. If you have high fever, cough, sneeze or have difficulty breathing, you should see a doctor.

8. Be sure to take care of your physical health. and good mental health

9. Check to see if there are enough medications to treat high blood pressure. during the period of being at home

10. If you are at home alone, you must have a number to contact your doctor and helper.


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