CHECK FACT: A week heating in US politics goes on raply Trump statements in North Carolina.

CHECK FACT: A week heating in US politics goes on raply Trump statements in North Carolina.

WASHINGTON President UL Donald Trump gave a remarks to a Democratic colleague that she had not done as he had sent a week of unwitting consent to allegations that she hated herself and three other color makers in America.

The adventure was hidden in the capital city and we were expecting the treacherous Thronal North Trump, interfering with distortion in the rhetoric that came from many places and both parties on various topics during the past week – the democratic presidency campaign in among them.



Trump says with Rep-Ilhan Omar, D-Minn, as he says: “You don't say‘ America ’with this intensity. You say ‘al-Qaida’ You are proud. Al-Qaida is proud. You don't talk about America. ”- Wednesday in North Carolina

TRUMP: “I hear the way she talks about al-Qaida. Al-Qaida killed many Americans. She said: 'You can keep your chest out, you can – when I think of America, when I think of al-Qaida, I can keep my breasts out.' '- he says Monday at an event Manufacturing at the White House

THE FACTS: This is a full account of what Omar said. She did not take pride in the terrorist group.

Trump is referring to his Omar interview in 2013. She also spoke about the study of the history or theory of terrorism about a professor who announced the names of terrorist groups very much as if her emphasis was placed on her. their evil.

“What was interesting in the class every time the professor‘ al-Qaida, ’said, was like it – his shoulders went up,” and he used a strong, threatening tone, she said. Her point was that the professor was suspected of Muslims and presenting her theater announcing “America” without the intensity he gave to the names of terrorist groups.

She did not say that “al-Qaida” had a severity or pride and that “America should not be”.

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Trump is continuing to assist Omar and three other liberal Democratic women, challenging their loyalty to the United States. The House broke it on Tuesday for its “racist opinions” after saying that they should “go back” to their countries. All four are Americans; Omar was born in Somalia, the others were born in the United States.

Omar said that Trump is a “fascist” and that she and the other women whom he is going to follow will be horrified by this president because his policies are horrific. ”


TRUMP on Omar: “When she talked about the World Trade Center being set,“ some people. ”You remember the famous people“ some people. manufacturing event

THE FACTS: It is true that many critics felt that Omar was devastated by the 2001 terrorist attacks in question in a speech in March. However, these statements did not express love “for enemies like al-Qaida,” as Trump put it.

Speaking to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, Omar said that the group was set up after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were beginning to lose access to our civil liberties. people did something ”- he met many people as a difficult way to refer to the catastrophic attacks in September 11, 2001.

The American-Islamic group was founded in 1994, according to its website. Membership followed the 2001 attacks.


TRUMP on Ocasio-Cortez: “Cortez said that illegal immigrants are more American than anyone who tries to keep them out. Can you believe that? That's what she's saying. ”- North Carolina Rally

THE FACTS: True, except that people who come to the border and seek refugee status cannot be said to be “illegal immigrants.” They do not commit any crime by applying for that status. Ocasio-Cortez, who speaks women and children who are seeking refuge or opportunity, said: “They are acting more American than anyone who tries to keep them in the future.” This was from an MSNBC interview in January.

At the rally, Trump refused to call a New York colleague at her fully announced surname.

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TRUMP: “The Obama Administration built the Cages, not the Trump Administration!” – tweet on Monday

THE FACTS: It's right.

The Obama administration used the same facilities as the Democratic Party as cases for migrant children. They are indoor, indoor chains, indoor, where children who come to the border without adults or who are separated from adults in detention are temporarily detained. The children are divided by age and sex. When Vice-President Mike Pence recently visited detention facilities at the border, journalists accompanying the migrant men overcrowded in the quarters of fetal chains saw.

A year ago, Associated Press photos depicting young people in such print misrepresentation were misrepresented as Trump showed child detentions and some Democrats and activists denounced them as a demonstration of Trump's affection. In fact, the photos were taken in 2014 during the Obama administration.

Many Democrats in the presidential campaign and Congress continue to use the images of “children in cages” without acknowledging that Obama has also used the facilities. The administration of the McAllen facility, Texas, was constructed by chain administration in 2014.


SRO. BERNIE SANDERS from Vermont, a democratic presidential candidate: “Everyone would cut overall healthcare spending in our country.” – Wednesday speech

THE FACTS: This remains to be seen. It is not a dunk of Medicare for everyone.

The Congressional Budgetary Office non-partisan in a report this year said that total expenditure under a one-payer system, such as that proposed by Sanders, could be higher or lower than under the current system depending on the main features of the new system. ”

These aspects relate to the payment rates for hospitals and doctors, which are not fully set out by Sanders, as well as the estimated cost of generous benefits including long-term care services and no pay and deductible costs.

Sanders' figure of $ 5 trillion over 10 years comes in health cost savings from a study by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Political supporters with Sanders are the main author.

Sanders also mentions a $ 2 trillion savings estimate over 10 years taken from a study by the Libertarian Mercatus Center at George Mason University in Virginia. But the author of the study says that Medicare for all counsel is inconvenient to its conclusions.

This year's report was considered by the nonprofit Rand think-tank that Medicare would do for all the opposite of what Sanders promised, raising national health expenses to moderate.

The generous benefits are part of the cause. A large increase in demand would lead to comprehensive free medical care.

The Rand study shaped a hypothetical case in which a plan such as Sanders legislation was effective this year.

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TRUMP: “We are offering plans that are up to 60 percent cheaper than Obamacare.” – North Carolina Rally

THE FACTS: Market health insurance plans Trump talks about cheaper because they suffer from benefits such as maternity drug cover or prescription and do not guarantee cover of current conditions.

The short-term plans that their administration began last year provide the federal insurance market up to 12 months of coverage and can be renewed for up to 36 months.

The premiums for the plans are about one third of the cost of more complete insurance cover. The health plan offers are aimed at people who wish to have an individual health insurance policy but who are over-funded to qualify for a subsidy under the Affordable Care Act.

The administration introduced the short-term plans, which undermine how Obama's health law thinks to work, after failing to repeal a large part of that law.


TRUMP: “Republicans protect patients who already have conditions much more than the Democrats, who won't be able to pull it out.” – North Carolina rally

THE FACTS: But the Democrats pulled it out. Obama's healthcare law, the Affordable Care Act, requires insurers to take all applicants, regardless of the history of the medicine and to apply the same standard premiums to healthy people and those with medical problems before or when they registered.

The Trump administration is pushing the court to repeal that law completely.

Trump and other Republicans say that they have a plan to preserve safeguards for people who already have conditions. No details were provided by the White House.

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SRO. KAMALA HARRIS from California, a democratic presidential candidate: “Some people estimate that up to 700,000 workers will lose their jobs before the end of the year.” – comments in 12 July radio interview

THE FACTS: This is not happening. Harris also misreported out-of-date study results.

In July 2018, the Center for Automotive Research set out various scenarios for possible job losses across all US industries. They were contacted by the car business – not just automation – if a number of new tariffs and policies were enacted by Trump. The worst case scenario was 750,000. But these hypothetical losses went much further than automated to include workers in restaurants, retail stores and any business benefiting from the automobile industry.

In any case, the center reviewed its study in February 2019, and the worst case scenario was 367,000 job losses in all industries. And since then, the administration has taken tariffs on steel and aluminum products originating from Canada and Mexico, further reducing the impact on the auto industry.

The auto industry has grown under both Obama and Trump. While it is facing demand, strong numbers remain. Not at risk of disaster Harris rises as a possibility – the loss of three out of four operators in the remainder of this year.


TRUMP: “They are coming in at a level we haven't seen for many years. There are incoming automobile companies – Japanese car companies, in particular. … There are 12 different companies building Japan in Michigan, in Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania. One is announced in Florida. We are doing things that no one thought possible. – Tuesday cabinet meeting

THE FACTS: There is no evidence that car companies are coming to the United States. Industry observers know only a few Japanese automotive companies building or expanding factories in Michigan, Ohio, North Carolina or Pennsylvania – anywhere near a dozen.

The federal statistics show that the jobs in car manufacturing and parts grew at a slower rate in the two years plus since Trump took up office in Obama for the past two years.

Between January 2017, when Trump was set up, and June this year, the latest figures, auto manufacturers and parts added 41,900 jobs, or increased 4.4 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. But in the two years before Trump took office, the industry added 63,600 manufacturing jobs, an increase of 7.1 per cent.

In Ohio, Honda has filed paperwork for a small expansion of his engine plant in Anna, Ohio, near Dayton, but he also announced production cuts without layers. Last year, parts provider announced plans to expand in Springfield, Ohio. In North Carolina, the Aisin transmission maker announced in April that there are plans to boost manufacturing operations by 900 jobs by 2021 but it has given very little data.

Toyota and Mazda are the only Japanese automators to build a new US assembly plant, which is building a SUVs factory in Alabama. Three companies announced plans to build factories in Alabama to meet that facility.

Also, spokespeople for German automobiles Volkswagen AG, Daimler AG and BMW AG say that they have not been told about any new factory notices to come.

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TRUMP: “I think it's a number that makes it the happiest thing, proportionately the biggest asset in this whole stock market – when you hear about what has been done – blue collar workers, the biggest proportional undertaker. – Tuesday cabinet notes

THE FACTS: Rich Americans have benefited greatly from stock market gains, not from blue collar workers.

The problem with the president is that the stock market has helped Americans of the labor force that the richest 10 percent of the country controls 84 percent of the stock market value, according to a Federal Reserve survey. As they have more stocks, richer Americans have a basic advantage from the 19 per cent gain in the Standard & Poor's index of 500 stocks so far this year. Around half of US households have stocks only, so few people are benefiting from stock market gains.


TRUMP: “We have the strongest economy in history.” – North Carolina Rally

THE FACTS: The economy is not the strongest in the history of the country. It expanded at an annual rate of 3.1 per cent in the first quarter of this year. This growth was the highest in four years for the first quarter.

In the late 1990s, growth was more than four per cent for four straight years, which has not been achieved annually under Trump. Growth reached 7.2 percent in 1984.

Growth in the economy is now the biggest year ever, making it the longest expansion in history. Most of that happened under Obama.

The economy grew 2.9 percent in 2018 – the same speed it reached in 2015 under Obama – and there is no historically high growth rate there.


TRUMP: “The lowest unemployment rate ever.” – North Carolina Rally


The unemployment rate is not 3.7 percent in the latest report at the best rate in history. It is close to the lowest level in 50 years, when it was 3.5 percent. The US also had lower rates than in the early 1950s. And during the three years of World War II, the annual rate was about two per cent.


TRUMP: “The best unemployment in our history. And the same, women, 74 years of age. … I'm sorry, women, I let you down, it's not in our history, but we have to be there soon. ”- North Carolina rally

THE FACTS: No, the unemployment rate of 3.1 per cent for women in April was the lowest in 66 years, not 74, and has since increased to 3.3 per cent in June. The data only returns 71 years so you cannot spend 74 years.


Tom Krisher, related press writers in Detroit, Colleen Long, Josh Boak, Christopher Rugaber and Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar in Washington, and Elliot Spagat in San Diego contributed to this report.


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