Check for rights, section 40, social security compensation, m.33 and m.39 “night people” receive 5,000 baht.

follow “Social Security Compensation” checkArticle 40 compensationm. 33 and M. 39 “night people” get 5,000 baht

Social Security Office Ministry of Labor Recently informed that The insured under section 33 works in the business.entertainment place pubs, bars, karaoke and insured persons under section 39 and section 40self-employedrelating to entertainment venues affected by government measures Night artists, singers, musicians, outdoor artists, li-kay, molam, etc., require the insured in such business to receiveCompensation at the rate of 5,000 baht per person, starting to pay on December 29 as if “New Year’s gift” from the government

In this regard, work is related to entertainment venues. “Social Security Office” emphasizes that it must be certified by the Music Association of Thailand under the Royal Patronage or the Entertainment Network Confederation registered with the Ministry of Interior. or registered with the Department of Business Development

As for the channels for contacting information or requesting documents to certify being an artist of the entertainment career group Join the group through the Facebook page. Outdoor Artists Guild Group To request documents or link the certification form and contact the Music Association of Thailand in each province.



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