Check it out! Many hospitals announce the postponement of vaccination against COVID-19 The claim has not been allocated enough.

Check it out! Which hospital has announced that the vaccination has been postponed for Covid 19? Many hospitals have revealed the cause. The government asked to postpone the delivery of vaccines indefinitely.

On June 4, 2021, it was reported that on the Facebook page of many hospitals has announced the postponement of injectioncovid 19 vaccine leave indefinitely by the hospital that has already posted to inform the news such as

– Hospitals in Bangpakok and Piyavet Affiliates

Informed that due to changes in the government’s vaccine distribution system As a result, the hospital did not receive all the vaccines according to the number and date that were registered. Therefore, we must inform all 39,430 people who are registered for vaccination at the Bangpakok and Piyavet Affiliated Hospitals that the hospital insists on taking care of all registered patients to be vaccinated for sure. The daily amount is adjusted according to the number of vaccines obtained. How much vaccine is given per day? will know day by day Therefore, please wait to follow the announcement from the hospital.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– Nakhon Chaisri Hospital

Announcement to postpone the vaccination of Covid 19, indicating that due to the outbreak in Bangkok and its vicinity As a result, Nakhon Pathom province has been allocated less vaccines than expected. Therefore, it is necessary to cancel the appointment for vaccination services. until more vaccines are allocated. If there is additional information, we will inform you immediately.

With the number of Covid-19 vaccines, only those who book through the doctor with themselves on June 7-8, who have an appointment the next day. will change to a queue for vaccine reservations instead And when the queue is received, the hospital will inform you again.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– Sampran Hospital Nakhon Pathom Province

Announcement of the COVID-19 vaccination due to the hospital has not been allocated enough vaccines. Therefore, service recipients who reserve the vaccine on June 7, 2021 can receive vaccinations as usual. For service recipients who have booked since June 8, 2021, please postpone it. If an additional vaccination is allocated, information will be communicated immediately.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– Kanchanaphisek Medical Center Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital

Because Kanchanapisek Medical Center has not been allocated enough vaccines. Therefore, we would like to postpone your vaccination appointment at the Kanchanaphisek Medical Center. From 8 June 2021 onwards, please continue to follow the information from the press release.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– Chulabhorn Hospital

Informed that because Chulabhorn Royal College has not been allocated the main vaccine. (Sinovac and AstraZeneca) to serve longer The hospital therefore regrets that it is unable to provide the first vaccination service to those who have registered through the Chulabhorn Royal College system from June 14, 2021 onwards, including educational institutions. and government agencies that have requested to be contacted for both main types of vaccination.

For those who have trouble finding another place to register and still be confident that they wish to receive vaccination at Chulabhorn Hospital Chulabhorn Royal College will try its best to find other quality vaccines to serve the people.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– San Pa Tong Hospital

Informed that due to the allocation of the Covid-19 vaccine at the national and provincial level Not enough for the number of people registered with the hospital. Therefore, vaccination has been postponed. If sufficient vaccines are allocated, further notice will be given.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– Chiang Mai Ram Hospital

Informed that the hospital has already prepared to provide vaccination services for COVID-19 and still insists on cooperating with the government as a government vaccination service unit However, the government has asked to postpone the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine allocated to the hospital indefinitely. If there is progress from the government The hospital will immediately notify you immediately.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai

Informed that the government would like to postpone the delivery of vaccines according to the doctor’s ready program that has already been registered to Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai indefinitely. If the government has any progress, Bangkok Hospital Chiang Mai will promptly communicate further.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

– McCormick Hospital

Informed that the hospital is ready for vaccination already and continues to cooperate with the government as a hospital that is a service unit for vaccination against COVID-19 as scheduled But at the moment, the number of COVID-19 vaccines is not enough to be allocated to hospitals. Therefore, it is necessary to postpone the appointment indefinitely. If there is additional information, we will inform you immediately.

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

While on Facebook, Drama-addict, who has informed the news and shared posts of many hospitals about postponing vaccinations. was advised that “Parents, siblings who registered for vaccination at any hospital, go to that hospital’s page and check the latest news.”

Hospital postpones coronavirus vaccination

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