Check “normal body temperature” how many degrees? Identify the warning signals from the body.

What is the normal body temperature?

The average human temperature is 36.5-37.2 °C or 97.7-99.5 °F, depending largely on factors at that time, as well as the quality of measuring equipment or the correct and appropriate measuring method.

Normal human body temperature for each age group

human body temperatureEach age group is different, depending on other external factors as well, as follows:

  • The normal body temperature of babies is 36.6-37.2 °C.
  • The average normal body temperature for adults is 36.1-37.2°C.
  • The average body temperature of the elderly over the age of 65 is below 36.2 °C.

The normal temperature of the human body at all points

Doctors usually measure temperature in four key areas of the body: forehead, under the tongue, armpit and anus, each of which has a different temperature as follows:

  • Normal body temperature on the forehead is 35.4-37.4 °C on average.
  • Normal body temperature measured under the tongue is 35.5-37.5°C.
  • Normal axial body temperature averaged 34.7-37.3 °C.
  • Normal rectal body temperature is on average 36.6-38.0 °C.

Other factors that affect the normal temperature of the human body

However, if the body temperature is lower or higher than normal In addition to the factors above It may depend on the following factors:

1. Age
due to the operation of various systems In the bodies of babies, adults or the elderly are different, for example, the bodies of babies or children are not yet fully grown. As a result, body temperature is constantly changing. Age is therefore one factor that affectsnormal body temperature

2. Sex
Studies have shown that women are more sensitive to temperature changes than men. Especially during hormonal or menstrual changes. progesterone hormone (Progesterone hormone) will increase, leading to an increase in body temperature 0.3-0.5 ° C.

3. Eat spicy food
There are many types of food. and if you eat vegetarian foods Or spicy food will lead to a higher body temperature. meanwhile If you eat food or drink cold, it will causenormal body temperaturedowngrade accordingly

4. Exercise
a person who exercises vigorously or does activities that require special strength leading to the muscles and various systems in the body to work hard Increase in the metabolic rate and heart rate lead to a change in the body temperature higher in the order that


5. Smoking and drinking alcohol
Each smoke creates a combustion of the cigarette and the nicotine inside. Leading to changes in body temperature, so if you have just smoked, you should wait 20-30 minutes before measuring the temperature. meanwhile drinking alcohol will cause blood vessels to dilate. Therefore the skin temperature increases.

6. Measuring time
body temperaturerelated to the weather in each period Because during 15.00-17.00 the body temperature will rise. But entering the period between 11:00 PM and 1:00 AM, the body temperature gradually decreases and it will be like this every day.

What type of body temperature is abnormal?

A body temperature above 37.2 °C or 99.5 °F is considered abnormal. It can be a warning sign of a headache, fever, or other symptoms. Body temperature is divided into the following symptoms:

  • Temperature 37.5-38.4 ° C : low fever
  • Temperature 38.5-39.4 ° C : high fever
  • Temperature over 40°C: very high fever

normal body temperatureDepending on many factors, whenever you find that you have an abnormal temperature, you need to see a doctor. to receive a Diagnosis consultation and be treated in a timely manner

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