Check out 10 abnormalities of “lung” and “breast cancer” with AI to know quickly and cure it.

Currently, it is called the current of “Artificial intelligence (AI)” It is a technology that people around the world are paying attention to and keeping an eye on. Today, AI has played an important role in analyzing huge amounts of data. To help develop different types of businesses and industries and relate more to human life in a variety of ways.

And one of the assistants in the work of doctors is radiology. which originally required a room to store large amounts of patient x-ray film And it took more than an hour to search. Currently, x-ray film is brought into the digital system, and AI is an important help in finding abnormalities, whether they are abnormalities in the body, such as “lungs” and “Breast Cancer” to help radiologists accurate diagnosis leading to faster healing

On May 31, ’65 Alongkorn Kiatdilokrat, MD. Deputy Head of Radiology Department and a doctor specializing in radiology Bumrungrad Hospital Speaking at an online press conference, The Evolution of Medical Imaging Technology, explaining that AI is the buzzword today. We hear almost every industry. no matter the investment working in various fields In medicine, AI is starting to play a huge role. One field that has started to be used in earnest is radiology, as diagnostic images are digitized, allowing AI to easily integrate with the radiation sector.

Evolution X-ray-Diagnosis

“Dr. Alongkorn” said that since before 2000, Thailand still takes X-rays using film sheets. must be put through the film washing process And will get a film with a picture, bring it to light. The doctor must have a light box attached to the side of the table to view the X-ray film. If the picture is fuzzy, flicker, too dark or too bright Had to call the patient for a new transfusion. But in the digital age The finished photo can be seen immediately. You can check whether the picture taken is clear or not. You can take a new photo right then.

At the same time, because before the X-ray film was a sheet The staff therefore had to find envelopes for patient data. To be used in the next time, causing large hospitals to have more than ten thousand X-ray films. Envelopes in the film storage room It takes more than half an hour to find the doctor. In addition, if the envelope contains 10-20 films, it is not easy for the doctor to find the desired film.

But when it comes to the digital age We make it easier to work. Take photos and store them in the system. Doctors can browse immediately, no need to wait to see old films. Called immediately in the computer system Originally used to be Hours are only minutes left to watch.

In addition, digital film is like viewing images from a digital camera. Can adjust the brightness, zoom to see if the former radiologist at the desk had a magnifying glass because the film can’t be magnified. and must have a bright light to adjust the light But now it’s adjustable in the monitor. Reduce the opportunity to take new photos. The patient received less radiation.

AI analyzes lungs and breast cancer

However Bumrungrad Radiology AI, artificial intelligence in radiology, has been used in hospitals. As a radiologist’s assistant for screening, analysis and diagnosis along with identifying the location of lung abnormalities and early stage breast cancer Certified by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2021, it offers state-of-the-art diagnostics, is stable, accurate, and fast using Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing platform. which is accepted in the world

Bumrungrad has used Radiology AI technology in its health screening centers. The critical care department (ICU), emergency department and other departments are divided into 2 parts: 1. Radiology INSIGHT CXR will be used to analyze 100,000 chest X-ray images per year 2. Radiology INSIGHT MMG will be used to analyze breast cancer. from the mammogram

Check out 10 lung disorders with AI.

Dr. Kuruwin Limsamutphet, MD. Doctor specializing in radiology Bumrungrad Hospital said “Artificial Intelligence” For X-rays of the lungs or Radiology INSIGHT CXR as a radiologist’s assistant in detecting abnormalities in the X-ray of the lungs such as lung cancer. This includes small points. in a position that is difficult to diagnose Tuberculosis in the symptomatic stage as well as helping to diagnose emergencies early, such as air leaks in the lungs which if a little wind leak Some patients may be asymptomatic or may present with chest pain. Here are 10 lung disorders that AI can help detect on chest X-rays:

  • A condition in which the shadow of the middle of the lung space between the two lungs is abnormally wide.
  • Condition of air leaking in the abdomen
  • a condition with fluid in the pleural cavity
  • calculus in the lungs
  • angioedema
  • An organized condition or a lump in the lung
  • Air leaks in the pleural cavity
  • A condition in which the air sacs of the lungs are replaced by something abnormal, such as water or pus or blood.
  • conditions with pulmonary fibrosis
  • a condition in which the lungs are not fully prosperous, or their lungs are deflated

found an abnormality early Increase the chance of survival for 5 years by 73%.

In the past, Bumrungrad Hospital has used to analyze more than 100,000 lung patients. The number of patients who come to receive treatment has a variety of diseases, varying severity, and found all 10 abnormalities. If the radiologist can diagnose early and know the results early, the patient will not miss the opportunity for treatment. The research found that lung cancer patients If diagnosed at an early stage It will have a 5-year survival rate of 73%, but if diagnosed late. The 5-year survival rate is only 18%.

“However, Radiology AI is not a replacement for radiologists. Instead, it is a supporting tool for the radiologist’s diagnostic and decision-making process. which will be a form of giving More than 60% of radiologists surveyed said they benefited from the adoption of Radiology AI to help analyze lung X-ray images. As for the Radiology AI software, there are opportunities for continuous improvement to meet the needs of more efficient workflows.”

AI screens for breast cancer

On the side of “Dr. Patcharee Prasitworanun”, a radiology specialist Bumrungrad Hospital said that according to the National Cancer Institute data, in 2020, approximately 18,000 new Thai women were diagnosed with breast cancer per year, and approximately 4,800 died from breast cancer, or an average of 13 per day. Milk is one of the most common cancers among Thai women and reports continue to grow every year. Therefore, women in the 3 groups that should have a mammogram are:

  • women 40 years and older
  • The age group is less than 40, but is at high risk.
  • group with breast abnormalities

Currently, Bumrungrad has introduced Artificial Intelligence for Mammograms, or Radiology INSIGHT MMG, that help screen, analyze and diagnose breast cancer on mammograms. previously Radiologists are already reading, interpreting, analyzing and diagnosing diseases from photographs, but the adoption of AI in medicine is virtual assistant come help analyze In this part, it will increase the doctor’s prudence.

Increase the 5-year survival rate by 99%.

“The radiologist will use the results of Radiology AI in the diagnosis. Breast cancer if diagnosed early and start appropriate treatment in a timely manner It will give patients a 5-year survival rate of up to 99%, but if diagnosed late. As a result, the 5-year survival rate will be reduced to 86%, down to 29% as the cancer progresses. Therefore, if detected early, it will increase the chances of success in treating more patients, “Dr. Patcharee say

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