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Instagram: @tad.thpn

3.) Henri PROXIE

Coming to the next visual which says that anyone who sees it will not be able to stop looking at his beautiful face. That young man was young. “Henri PROXIE” or his very popular name is Oscar Edward Wataraset, the young Henri is half Thai, Chinese and English, making his face extremely chic, sharp and sweet, a very perfect combination. Be a true child of God’s love! No matter which angle you look at it, you will fall in love. It’s like I’m under a spell. Moreover, not only that Since young Henry still has the ability to be an idol which is very good, his voice is because of sweet and juicy Unlock the most gold-plated ear skills and in terms of dancing is the best, very good at dancing. The line is perfect, very beautiful. It is said that young Henry is one of the images of the T-Pop band that has to give a bang ^^


Instagram: @onglee.proxie

4.) Mabel PiXXiE

The next queue is actually a visual girl who can’t enter the polls!???? That’s a pretty and sweet girl like “Mabel PiXXiE” Sure enough, it must be said that this girl is a beautiful, sweet-looking person who also secretly has a little bit of playful sexuality, which is a charm that anyone who sees will definitely be denied ~ and by course, apart from the visual beauty of Mabel’s band When it comes to singing, Performing is the biggest bang! is also the lead singer of the band. Mabel’s voice is unique, bright, because it gives great satisfaction. This is uplifting, and I have to say it really fits the band’s visual position, beyond resistance, mother!????????✨✨

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Instagram: @mmabelzz

5.) LAZ1 off road

Coming to the final visual that we would like to bring our friends to see, that is a shameless handsome man. “Off road LAZ1” which debuted from the LAZ iCON program. The off-road guy is known as a handsome guy with a very cute personality that always brings smiles and laughs from him. This is the charm that makes fans of The Way (The Way) undoubtedly fall. And in addition to this, the guy off the road also has the ability to sing and dance. and also rapping in a very cool way and always developing myself In addition, the man off the road has the ability to act as well. Because he is one of the main actors of the series “Our Days, can you love me, Nai Mai Mai Gwên”? Oh, it’s beyond Pui Mui~????♥️

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Instagram: @totogaback

It’s over for a look at the 5 most popular visuals of the T-POP band, hot and ready to open warp! I have to say that the visuals of each group apart from the beauty that catches the eye and the heart. In terms of their talents and she is very bang bang. It is excellent, the light shines very well. The more I look at it, the more I can’t deny~ It’s very good for my heart ????♥️ If any friends like it and want to support any T-Pop boys and girls, they can follow him through Instagram. below and don’t forget to follow the work too ^^

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