Check out the history + work of Red Velvet, a famous girl group from SM Entertainment.

  • Double Patty 2021 Movie

It is a film of Brother Bae co-starring with Shin Seung Ho, presenting the story of the two characters’ decision to follow their dreams. Pee Bae plays Hyun Ji, a young woman who has ambitions to become a publicist. Brawd Bae in the story is very beautiful. He also sang A White Night for the film’s soundtrack. It’s a ballad that’s easy to listen to. Also, Pee Bae’s sweet voice is so perfect.

A reality that will lead fans to prove the identity of the idol artist ‘Irene’ and ‘Bae Joo Hyun’, a normal woman. We get to see a scene of Pee Bae’s work and free time relaxing corner. Personally, I really like the part of ‘Bae Joo Hyun’. I like Bae Yim, I really want to see Bae’s brilliance.

For anyone who likes and wants to follow Pee Bae or Irene, the Red Velvet warp. Instagram: renebae

2. Seulgi

Stage Name : Seulgi

Real name: Kang Seulgi

Birthday: February 10, 1994

come together in Seulgi (Kang Seulgi) The group’s Principal Dancer, who spent 7 years as a trainee, is a very determined and patient person. Before her debut, Seulgi starred in Fantastic Henry’s music video, and her successful debut with several songs proved Seulgi’s full potential. We are the one who likes to watch Seulgi dance. He is a person who dances and is cool, has passion, and sings because he is different. Stage performances are very attractive. Originally, we thought Seulgi had to be a cool, confident woman.

But leaving the concept, I think Seulgi is a gentle woman. A good attitude and a good smile Including having a sensitive mood too. If something stirred Seulgi’s heart, it was easy to cry. A person who has a mixture of coldness and gentleness in the same person. Makes him very charming. Personally, I think Seulgi’s face is also very charming. can give a variety of emotions Both fiasco and look cute. what we ourselves say is not correct

A job not to be missed

Seulgi.Zip, a radio program where we will see Seulgi as a DJ. It is a live program which takes place in a warm atmosphere. Talk to the guests in a nice, friendly way. It’s like sitting and talking in a small house, at the same time, being very polite and respectful towards the guests.

  • (BamBam) ‘Who Are You (Feat. of Red Velvet)’ MV

This is a work that made us fall in love with Seulgi’s voice even more. It’s a charming use of sound. And because of the song Who Are You, as well as Seulgi singing with BamBam, There is also a dance part with a couple as well. We love the dancing part on Black Fall, it’s a very artistic work, Seulgi fans must not miss it.

Recently, Seulgi released a mini album ’28 Reasons’ for fans to follow. I can tell you that just seeing the Album Trailer gives me goosebumps. The concept is quality again. Seulgi is quiet but the inner is the most powerful. We think the Luvies will be very excited. Let’s wait to follow.

This is just one part. Let me tell you that Seulgi has many works worth following. For anyone who wants to follow and support Red Velvet’s Seulgi, head over to IG. Instagram: hi_seulgi

3. Wendy

Stage Name : Wendy

Real name: Wendy Son

Birthday: February 21, 1994

arrive The lovely Lead Singer of Red Velvet Wendy or Khun Wan (Seung Wan’s Son) Before becoming a trainee at SM, Wan trained with Cube Entertainment, then spent about 2 years before performing for the first time. The vocals really match SM’s vocal position, soft and powerful. They also use vocal techniques well. Especially the pre-hook vocals in the song Psycho, Khun Wan sang very charmingly. And it’s a part that is very difficult to sing with Haha It’s almost different to listening to live singing like in M/V.

Khun Wan is a naturally fun and funny person. Likes to make the members laugh And is quite good at talking too. He is very good at smiling and very cute, but he also has a warm side. because he is another person who takes care of the members very well Personally, we believe that Wendy has a bright aura which is a unique charm that makes many people fall in love.

A job not to be missed

‘Like Water’ is a single song in the mini album Like Water which contains 5 beautiful songs from ‘Wendy’ and the song Fel Dŵr used as a promotional song has a warm meaning. Khun Wan’s voice in this song is as soft as a flow of cold water that fills my heart. Give the mood like listening to the soundtrack of the series Listen to the imagination in your head Khun Wan in M/V is very beautiful.

Young Street, a radio program on SBS that will make everyone fall in love with your dazzling, million dollar DJ role. Every time, Khun Wan will lead the program in a good mood. Makes us feel refreshed too.

For anyone who wants to follow and support Khun Wan or Wendy Red Velvet, warp to Instagram: today_wendy got it

4. Joy

Stage Name : Joy

Real name: Park Sooyoung

Birthday: September 3, 1996

Joy or Park Sooyoung Another Red Velvet girl whose beauty has caused viral photos many times. It’s another person he saw for the first time and looks very alert. But let me tell you that Joy is a beautiful person, funny, outgoing, beautiful, very friendly, another person who has the charm of brilliance. especially the smile Smile sweetly and smile well.

Park Joy was the first person who made us start looking at Red Velvet. Personally, I’m very proud of Joy. He’s someone who can’t get tired of looking at him. While with the members, she is just as playful as Wendy, but when she is working, Joy is serious about doing her best. Until sometimes it looks serious.

A job not to be missed

A song from the mini album Hello, a special album by Joy. Which brings popular songs in 90’s – 2000’s to Remake in Joy’s version In the album there are total 6 songs together, I can tell you that Joy’s clear voice is like a cartoon soundtrack, and the M/V is bright and comfortable. It also gives an indescribable warm feeling.

This is another track from the album Hello, a song from 2001 by Hey! Bring him to sing again in the joy version, the sound is clear and the melody is comfortable, very smooth, giving the feeling of feeling very good. Joy fans must not miss it !

apart from the music Joy is also late as an actor. For his acting work, there are many such as The Liar and His Lover 2017, Tempted 2018, The One and Only 2021 and most recently, the role of a young policeman in the new series One Upon a Small Town 2022 or Thai name’. Love notes in a small town series Feel good, warm atmosphere The heroine is very cute.

For anyone who wants to follow and support Joy Red Velvet, warp to Instagram : _imyour_joyI can do it

5. Yeri

Stage Name : Yeri

Real name: Kim Yerim

Birthday: 5 March 1999

Ends in Maknae Yeri or Kim Yerim Katy’s English name is the youngest playful. cute little When he’s not smiling, Yeri’s face is a bit shaky, but he’s actually a very cheerful person. Also, he is very friendly with the people around me and we think Yeri is bright and mischievous with the older siblings in typical maknae style. It’s one of Red Velvet’s brightest moments, but when working, it’s just as serious as its brothers.

For us, Yeri is a person who is beautiful and cute. The longer the day, the more beautiful and has been developing more and more.

A job not to be missed

Annwyl Diary is a digital single from SM Station Season 3. This piece was written and produced by Yeri herself. It’s a song that has a beautiful melody and is very comfortable to listen to.

Blue Birthday 2021 is a short drama in which Yeri played the lead role for the first time from his debut as an actor. Yeri plays Oh Harin, a girl who goes back in time to meet her first love. in which he ended his own life at birth. And this was also the day she intended to confess her love to him. Yeri’s performance was completely unobtrusive. have a natural cuteness

For anyone who wants to follow and support Red Velvet’s Yeri, teleport to Instagram: yerimiese you can

In addition to the band’s music and the solos of each of the girls, they also have many other collaborative units and projects for the fans to follow. Personally, I really like Irene and Seulgi’s ‘Monster’ unit. Well, the concept is very good. The song, the composition of the scene in the M / V, everything indicates the quality of the screen. Especially Bae and Seulgi’s voices. Why does it fit like this? Luffy must not miss this work. Red Velvet also made a cameo appearance as an idol girl group in the drama Descendants of the Sun in 2016. Let’s go and see. For anyone who wants to follow the updates of the band’s work You can follow the channel below that we can transport ^^

Red Velvet Subscriptions

Instagram: redvelvet.smtown

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Facebook: RedVelvet

TikTok : @redvelvet_smtown

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Official Website : SMTOWN / Red Velvet

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