Check out the latest technology and cool innovations in the Qatar 2022 World Cup EP. 3 Qatar World Cup 2022 Editions

Tech By True Digital with the series Take a look at the cutting-edge technology and cool innovations at the Qatar 2022 World Cup. Reached the last EP of the series. Following the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ will see innovation and technology created for the first time in history. Tech By True Digital It will take you to see how Qatar uses technology and a system that saves the world in a Qatari way.

FIFA published a report in June 2021 estimating greenhouse gas emissions from the Qatar 2022 World Cup to be around 3.6 million tonnes of CO2, which is more than the amount some countries produce each year. And more than the 2018 World Cup hosted by Russia. by the source of the emissions from traveling in a stadium construction plane As a result, FIFA and Qatar have promised that the World Cup will be the first carbon neutral tournament in the history of the World Cup. by reducing carbon emissions Reducing Carbon Footprint to the process of offsetting carbon (Carbon Offsetting) in a variety of ways together in the typical Qatari way, such as

Compact Tournament

Unlike all previous World Cup tournaments, Qatar 2022 is the most compact tournament in modern football history. Because the 8 football pitches are located close to each other. The farthest stadiums, just 75km apart, are Al Bayt Stadium and Al Janoub Stadium, meaning fans and players will be staying and training in the same area throughout the game.

Location of all 8 football pitches in Compact Tournament style


No Domestic Flights

And with the location of the Compact Tournament football field, this makes football fans, football players and related officials. There is no need to fly domestically after arriving in Qatar. Because the entire training field is a competition field And the attractions of Qatar itself are not very far from each other. This is a reduction in air travel which produces carbon dioxide emissions from travel.

Doha Metro

The main environmentally friendly mass transport system throughout the World Cup will be the Doha Metro, Qatar’s new electric vehicle system that uses regenerative braking systems. which helps to reduce the carbon footprint At the same time, the stations are environmentally certified and operate under green building certification.

Doha Metro


Qatar’s green transport plan also extends to electric cars and buses that will transport fans between homes and stadiums. in partnership with KAHRAMAA, an electricity and water transmission and distribution operator in Qatar. to install electric vehicle charging stations throughout the country Including providing electric scooters and bicycles as well.

A fully movable stadium

One of the sustainability strategies of hosting this Qatar World Cup What the host said was making history even before the tournament was the detachable stadium at Ras Abu Aboud Stadium, or Stadium 947, which is a capacity of 40,000 seats that was built from shipping containers that originally transported containers of building materials to qatar and a special structure with modular steel and detachable seats The name Stadium 947 is derived from Qatar’s international calling code and this is the number of containers used to build the stadium.

Stadium 947 is built from shipping containers and removable seats.


Stadium 947 is the first football stadium in the history of football and will act as an innovative sustainable prototype for future major tournaments with a fully movable stadium. This means that when the competition is over, the stadium will be demolished. And the parts that make up the stadium are recycled. It will be used to build facilities in coastal development areas for local communities and people. Including in sports in Qatar and abroad. Where the host demands a thoughtful and eco-friendly idea, even if the presence of the stadium is temporary, every part will be used permanently.

Stadium 947 is also the only football stadium that does not have Advanced Stadium Cooling Technology or advanced air conditioning technology on the pitch. using natural ventilation With the location of the pitch near the sea coast where spectators can feel the cool breeze blowing in from the Arabian Gulf

Stadium 947 uses natural ventilation. With the location of the course near the Arabian Gulf


green world cup

Qatar plans to make this tournament a green World Cup. Through projects such as the purchase of 1.8 million Carbon Offsets from the Global Carbon Council, a registered carbon credit organization in Doha. The money will be used for renewable energy projects within the country. Increase green space by planting native trees in parks and around football pitches to offset carbon. Managing rubbish and waste from construction to competition Installing a recycling system in the field of renewable energy use Using technology for energy efficiency and establishing a Sustainable Sourcing Code or setting benchmarks for suppliers and competition sponsors who must comply strictly with environmental regulations. These are not only environmentally friendly actions and an opportunity to reduce carbon emissions. But he also leaves a green legacy of this tournament for future generations.

Al Kharsa’ah Solar Power Plant

Al Kharsa’ah Solar Power Plant


Qatar has reaffirmed its commitment to reducing its overall carbon emissions by building the 800-megawatt Al Kharsa’ah Solar Power Plant, Qatar’s first utility-scale solar plant to be commissioned to handle growing electricity consumption. Located about 80 km west of Doha, it will be the main source of power for the World Cup This solar electricity is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At the same time reducing Qatar’s dependence on gas for electricity production, Al Kharsa’ah is capable of producing 1.8 billion kWh of electricity. and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 900,000 tonnes per year.

Bonocle lets the visually impaired watch the World Cup

The Bonocle device converts digital content into braille. Easy to carry


Qatar Green World 2022 also considers fellow visually impaired citizens. By giving visually impaired people access to football matches. Through an innovation called Bonocle, digital content associated with each World Cup match is converted into braille. This allows football fans to access content and enjoy the game.

Bonocle not only translates content related to the World Cup, but in the program that connects Bonocle devices, there is other content for the visually impaired to watch. They both learn new things and enjoy games like chess or ball games too.

Games in Bonocle allow users to play as a goalkeeper who receives the ball according to the direction of the ball in the game.

See an example of Bonocle in action here.

Bonocle is one of the award-winning inventions from the ‘Challenge 22’ innovation competition program of the Supreme Committee for Supply and Legacy (SC), the technology leader in the Middle East. which provides opportunities for innovators, new businesses and entrepreneurs in the region to present works that challenge creativity and technology The challenge is for everyone in society to participate in the phenomenon of the World Cup in Qatar this time. Award winners will receive funding to promote and ultimately bring their invention to market.

And this is an example of hosting a World Cup that the hosts are aware of and pay attention to the environment. Although the Qatar World Cup takes place in just five weeks, the preparations for the tournament have been longer than that. Mobilizing the forces and technologies to make the event happen based on Qatar’s carbon neutrality efforts is a good but challenging undertaking. And it will take a period of time after the end of the race to tell how much the event has achieved in terms of the environment and sustainability that Qatar has promised to achieve. After all, creating sustainability for the planet takes more time than this tournament. And it has to be done continuously, real measurements and transparency. Otherwise, saving the world in this World Cup will only save the world Qatar 2022 style.

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