Check out the top 20 highest rated digital TV shows for August.

It can be said that the month until the remote control? Because recently, there are 20 ratings of the highest rated digital TV programs for August 2021. Only TV programs that are broadcast over 30 minutes or more will be considered. Of course, number 1 belongs to The drama Hong Fah which was broadcast through Channel 7 received an average rating of 6.654. aOn August 27, 2021, the live broadcast of women’s volleyball, AVC battle on Channel 31, managed to get a rating of 6.180.

and in this month’s top 20, it was found that Channel 7, Channel 3 and Channel Workpoint This is the TV channel with the highest rating. Most of them are plays that are popular with the biggest audience. In the field of sports Volleyball Live still gets the most attention


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