Check signs of ‘Xi Jinping’ coming to Thailand, attending APEC meeting, hoping for ‘Putin’ too

A few days ago, netizens had many rumors spreading to Thailand President Xi was the subject of a coup d’état. The trigger came from a break after returning from a visit to Kazakhstan and a meeting of Shanghai Cooperation Organization leaders in Uzbekistan in the middle of last month. This is the first trip abroad for more than two years. When he came back, no one saw his face. until it became a rumor that He was most recently revealed on Tuesday (September 27) wearing a mask at an exhibition about China’s achievements over the past decade. together with 6 Communist Party political committees in a sign of unity Defeat Twitter Rumors about Challenging Powers

The missing part was nothing. Xi returned from Uzbekistan and arrived in Beijing at midnight on September 16 and had to be quarantined in accordance with China’s anti-coronavirus regulations. In other words, they have to self-quarantine in the hotel for 7 days and stay at home for another 3 days. Since you are a leader at this level, if you don’t respect the rules, it’s Diqin gossip!!!

The news about the appearance of the president of China did not happen soon, and news related to Thailand had come to light. Thammasat University Posted via Facebook, Aksornsri Phanishsarn account, short but got the idea

“Xi Jinping” will visit Thailand!! “APEC” meeting, 18-19 November. The #who is not coming is not, Xi Jinping will come.

Then elaborate more in the comments.

“An internal inquiry has been made from the Chinese side. There is serious preparation. Although it has not been officially announced yet, a high chance of more than 90% is possible.” while another source said percentage in color Jinping has come to Thailand in large numbers, and Russian President Vladimir Putin will also come. Well, when Putin goes to the G20 Yes, why can’t you come to Thailand? As for those who did not come to Thailand, according to Biden, another source of information is President Tsai Ingwen of Taiwan who initially responded with Hong Kong

In the case of Chinese leaders, think at home if Xi comes to the APEC meeting while Biden is absent. Si will win the heart of the host country like Thailand. that was already salty to the extent Don Pramudwnai Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs gave an interview on his way back to the 77th United Nations General Assembly in New York City But let’s see which countries are participating.

“I don’t think it has to be this person or that person because of the obligations that are attached to each other in the name of the country. It doesn’t matter who comes or doesn’t want to see the big picture of how the world sees them. As for if our home pays attention to that point, this point is not strange. I want you to understand that we may look at other people’s views differently. who are the majority.” Minister Don said so.

Call now the focus in Thailand is looking to Xi Jinping instead of Joe Biden, how is the US leader now? are you still ok There is a news report from Reuters that Biden accidentally called. The deceased MP The incident happened on Wednesday (September 28) local time. at the White House meeting to end hunger Biden thanks the organizers Jackie Valorski, a Republican female senator in Indiana, then called.

“Jackie, are you here? Where are you?”

Valorsky was one of four legislators who supported the bill to fund the meeting. She died in a car accident with two members of staff at the beginning of August, when the president was informed of her death. This burp wasn’t sure if it was due to his age or not. But the Democratic Party poll found that almost two-thirds, or 64%, of Democrats responded. said he would like to see a presidential candidate other than Biden Of those, about one in three claimed Biden status. Biden, 79, is the oldest president in US history.

However, Biden, 79 (turning 80 on November 20) and Xi, 69, will meet at the G20 leaders’ meeting in Bali on November 15-16. There are concerns that need to be cleared up. It is a global situation that must be followed. As for Thailand, now, apart from having a small chance of winning over Xi, Jinping came to the APEC meeting. What is even more exciting is Will Putin come? If true, this event is definitely fun!!!

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