Check state welfare card eligibility 2022. On any day, see the timeline clearly again here.

In the first round, check the eligibility to register for the state welfare card 2022 of those who registered between 5-8 September 2022. Starting to check the registration status from 16 September 2022, it was found that there were people who passed the exam. with the Department of Administrative Affairs being shown

  • Complete registration status, total 4,282,429
  • out of a total of 5,246,699
  • from those with full registration status in this group No action required Please wait for the qualification exam results and the results will be published in January 2023.

As for those checking, it was found that “Registration status is incomplete”, another 964,270 found the message “because the registrant’s information does not match the database of the Department of Provincial Administration.

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