Check Status Register for State Welfare Card 2022 Check Poor Card Here

wrong Check status, register for state welfare card 2022, the poor card by the Ministry of Finance Registration status verification starts this Friday, September 16, 2022. For registrants from September 9, 2022 will be able to check their registration status. click here with details of the announcement of registration results

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However, whenThe registrant has verified the information. find

1. “Registration status complete” : Let the registrant wait for the qualifying exam result. The results of the qualification exam will be published in January 2023.

2. “Registration status is incomplete” : because the information of the registered person does not match the database of the Provincial Administration Department The system will display a message stating the reason for incomplete registration as follows:

1) Those who register as monks / novices / nuns

2) The registrant’s information was not found.

3) The identity of the registered person is incorrect. died or moved abroad or sold

4) The registered person is not of Thai nationality.

5) The registered person is under 18 or the date of birth format is incorrect.

6) The registrant has a spouse

7) The registrant informs the spouse’s information incorrectly.

8) The registrant informs the complete number of children But the child’s ID card number is incorrect.

9) Registrar informs the number of incomplete children Check the number of children and the ID card number of each child.

If the registrant has an incomplete registration status can check the accuracy of the information In the district office / district office If the person who registers in the registration agency has to contact to request the amendment of the information in the registration agency that the registered member has only submitted the registration form. and for those who register themselves through the website contact to change the information at any registration agency The amendment must be completed by 3 November 2022.

Registered registrants with status showing the message “The Ministry of Finance has received your registration information in full.” Registration status can be checked every Friday of the following week. Through the website or ask the registration agency to verify by filling in a 13-digit identification number and date of birth.

All registered individuals who have completed the work of correcting information. to the registrant “Check Registration Status” Available every Friday of the following week. You can check the status of such registration on your own through the website. state welfare card or check through all registration agencies

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