Check the fortnightly horoscope from 16 – 31 October 2021

Check the horoscope after 16 – 31 October 2021 from the famous fortune teller from Sanook Horoscope of all 12 zodiac signs to guide you in planning your life and preparing for the changes of the stars, your zodiac will rise or fall.

Aries (April 13 – May 13)

work In this fortnight, you will have a lot of both outside and inside jobs. You will be instructed to do internal work to rush to submit work. A large amount of work has to be done in contrast to the time given. Someone who has a part-time job or part-time job may have more employment. Or someone suddenly hired you. Ready to work fast

finance You will have financial headaches coming in. Because in this fortnight it will cost quite a lot. And also paid to solve some immediate problems. If someone is employed, you may need to be careful of being placed on long credit. or late payment is not on schedule

love For singles this month There may be people who have just been heartbroken. or disappointed in love But he may come to care for you rather than being serious about the relationship. As for those who are already married This month, be wary of quarrels or misunderstandings. until it can lead to big things

health Watch out for leg pain, knee pain, and back pain.

Taurus (14 May – 14 June)

work In this fortnight there will be a younger person or an intern to help lighten your load. But still have to spend time on the job responsibilities. Be aware that anything planned or discussed can be postponed. But in the end, there will be a good opportunity to come in.

finance You have to think more before you use it. This month, it will cost others more than yourself. Also, be wary of paying for health or other damages in the home that you need to take care of.

love for singles During this period, it is the time for you to smell good. There may be people who like you or who are rather flirtatious trying to approach you all the time. As for those who are already married This month, you need to take care of your loved ones more. because he needs attention and had mental problems during this period.

health Beware of sharp cuts

Gemini (June 14 – July 14)

work For people who have a regular job During this time, the work will overwhelm you quite a lot. Be careful not to work on time But there will be some people who are not good at working to help you. If anyone has their own business During this period, be careful of cheating or breaching contracts. Wrong words from the other party can cause problems for your work.

finance In this fortnight, be careful of wasting large sums of money. or the money may not come in on time causing you to take the money out of the reserve first Your earnings may be delayed during this period. but there will be people to help Or your lover will come and take care of your money.

love For single people, this may not be the right time to have anyone. If someone comes in, be careful that they will disturb you rather than plant a love plant. As for those who are already married This month, be wary of disagreements on some matters. to make the relationship scrappy

health Still nothing to worry about. But be careful of overeating.

Cancer (15 Jul. – 16 Aug.)

work In this fortnight you have to do a lot of things at the same time. Plus, you have to switch roles, or be the one who has to teach others more. causing during this period I do not know which job should I catch first As for anyone who works on online trading. This month your work will be better. have more sales

finance You will have expenses that you don’t want to pay, you have to keep paying. You may need to take out your savings to manage your expenses during this time. In addition, during this period, you must go to collect or go after the money from customers, receivables, otherwise it may not be returned for a long time.

love for singles There will be people to come and give love. But that person might embarrass you. with some mismatched styles As for those who are married this month, be careful of the awkwardness of each other that can turn into separation. Or your partner may become so ill that they are not interacting with each other during this time.

health Watch out for old illnesses or symptoms. that used to be will come back again

Leo (17 Aug. – 16 Sep.)

work In this fortnight you have the criteria to change the subject of work. There may be new partners, contractors or jobs coming in. If someone who has a business this month may have new good customers. And if anyone is looking for a job. There are also criteria that will be contacted by companies.

finance In this fortnight you will have to pay off quite quickly. There will be a periodic cost that cannot be denied. But the income will come in continuously as well. In this month, you will get money coming in quite quickly. but rarely kept

love For singles, this month you have the criteria to meet people far and wide. Or he could be from online as well. As for those who are already married Your partner may have some problems in your life that require you to help them more. Or the lover may have to go to work in a distant place.

health Watch out for intestinal problems. or lower abdomen

Virgo (17 Sept. – 16 Oct.)

work You’ll start to better manage off-the-shelf tasks. Anything that has never been co-operated will turn upside down. But you also have to be more decisive with the work. You may also have to be patient with your boss or coworker who doesn’t listen to anyone. until making me feel frustrated at work

finance In this fortnight you will have sudden things to spend money constantly. Be aware that there will always be things to lose money. and may not turn the money in time If someone who lends money to someone else won’t get it back anytime soon, it’s time to plan your finances more.

love For those who are still single During this fortnight, people will bring good feelings to you, but you may have to look carefully. because the other party may not be completely single As for those who are already married Your loved one will be more calm with you. You might feel a sense of indifference from him, but he might actually just be having some kind of stress.

health Watch out for sprains not able to move

Libra (17 Oct. – 15 Nov.)

work During this time, your work may be divided further. Be wary of unfair bosses or adults. Or take care of you and your teammates quite differently. But you still get good cooperation from other parts. If anyone doing a private business may have some work during this time. but will get another job back instead

finance You will have income coming in from many ways. causing to gradually receive money coming in or may find new ways to make money come in this period Plus, you’ll have luck at the end of the month. Hit that older men will bring good luck.

love For single people, you have criteria for meeting people. But they may come in for a short time and then leave. The other party will begin to distance itself. As for the couple Lovers also value you well. but may have to work in remote locations Or you may not have more time for you during this time.

health should drink more water Be careful of the system in your body. should rest enough

Scorpio (Nov. 16 – Dec. 15)

work This week, more people will come to contact you or hire you. Old jobs that were gone will start to come back. But may have to wait for the final agreement that is a bit longer than usual If anyone is looking for a job or applying for a job In this fortnight there will be a silent company contacting back as well. The rest is up to your skill.

finance You will earn more money. or money from customers Anyone who has been stuck will begin to gradually pay you during this period. But you still have tight expenses. and may want to buy more luxury items during this fortnight

love For those who are single during this fortnight, being single seems more comfortable. If you have you to talk to you will start to think of many things. like yours and he doesn’t match As for those who have been married lately, there will be some boredom. If they were brought together to change the atmosphere, the situation would have been better.

health There’s a lot to think about. Repeat and repeat. Be careful of pain from the lower back to the hips.

Sagittarius (Dec. 16 – Jan. 13)

work In this fortnight you have to start thinking of new ways of working. come into use to keep your work going more Or during this period, you may need to be careful of female competitors. Or someone at work who doesn’t expect you well will come in. Make your work need some new adjustments.

finance In this fortnight you have to spin more money. Because there are expenses from many ways waiting. However, you can still keep coming in as well, but the money might be slow. Or have to spin out the old money to use in order to survive in this period.

love For single people, during this time you have the criteria to meet insincere and insincere people. There may be a conversation going on. causing the relationship to not progress As for those who are already married In this fortnight, your lover will be less attentive and cold to you, even though you yourself need some encouragement during this time.

health Beware of being cut by sharp objects. have food sickness be able to enter the hospital

Capricorn (14 Jan – 12 Feb)

work This fortnight you will have to start work. Or get a new job, your job will go well, but it takes a bit of decisiveness. Or during this period, someone may leave the team, causing you to turn around and adjust all the work that requires more effort.

finance You will be able to collect more money. or manage money better than before Or during this period, there may be people acting as capitalists wanting to pay. Or do business with you and give some money. Or if you need a loan or do something about the transaction, it’s easy to go through.

love For single people during this period, there may be people who come to sprinkle charm on you. But you yourself can sense that he doesn’t take you that seriously. As for those who are already married In this fortnight, both you and your lover are busy. They don’t have much time for each other. making the relationship seem distant

health Beware of genetic diseases

Aquarius (13 Feb. – 13 Mar.)

work In this fortnight you have big decisions to make. more about work In addition, there may be some friends who come to help with the work. But we may need to be careful of being used by our thoughts. If anyone is applying for a job, please look at the job well. Because they may encounter work that is not transparent. Found someone to deceive

finance In this fortnight, you have a lump-sum allowance for your home or family. Or it could be to close a large amount of debt. during this period but at the cost of something Or you may get money from insurance claims coming in during this period.

love For singles, this fortnight if you already have someone to talk to. Be careful of cleavage There may be some words that seem small but may provoke the other person’s heart. became a big deal As for those who are already married In this fortnight, be wary of quarrels over trivial matters.

health Watch out for hormonal problems.

Pisces (14 Mar. – 12 Apr.)

work This fortnight you will have to accept multiple jobs. For example, it’s quite a lot of you alone, you might get caught up at work and follow yourself until you feel stressed and uncomfortable all the time. If anyone doing business during this period will be when everything will start to improve. but requires patience with many in such a huge way

finance Your earnings in this fortnight will continue to come in. without lack of hands But there will be expenses surrounding you as well. In addition, people may constantly come to you for financial assistance. Makes you have to be a bit more stubborn during this period.

love for singles In this fortnight, you might meet someone you like. or someone who used to disperse and return to talk let’s meet again As for those who are already married in this fortnight, there may be a misunderstanding. some quarrel But in the end they will come back to understand each other.

health Watch out for problems with hip or leg pain.



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