Home Business Check the money to heal farmers. Latest update “Money to help farmers” 1,000 baht per rai.

Check the money to heal farmers. Latest update “Money to help farmers” 1,000 baht per rai.

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Check the money to heal farmers. Latest update. “Money to help farmers” 1,000 baht per rai. Insurance for rice income up to 15,000 baht per ton.

On October 26, 2021, reporters reported that At the meeting of the Rice Policy and Management Committee (NIK), chaired by Prime Minister Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha and the Minister of Defense (Aug. 23), approved measures to help management costs and improve production quality. Rice farmers, production year 2064/65

latest cabinet Approved the principle of the project to support the management cost and develop the quality of the rice farmers’ produce, production year 2064/65 according to the NSC resolution.

Conditions for paying subsidies

such projects Total amount of 54,972,72 million baht by paying subsidies to rice farmers as follows:

  • Paying compensation to farmers who grow rice 1,000 baht per rai
  • Limited to not more than 20 rai per household or not more than 20,000 baht.

Rice Farmers Income Insurance Project Year 2064/65 Round 1

  • Credit line 13,604 million baht
  • Caring for more than 4.68 million rice farmers
  • by ensuring income for farmers who have registered rice growers for the year 2064/22 (Round 1) with the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives where rice is planted between April 1 – October 31, 2021, except the southern region, during June 16, 2021 – February 28, 2022.

Conditions for paying insurance for rice income

Rice Farmers Income Insurance Project, Year 204/22, Round 1, by specifying the price and the amount of income insurance are Price of moisture not more than 15%, not more than 40 rai per household, except for non-glutinous rice, not more than 50 rai, with compensation for the amount of tons of each type of rice as follows:

  • Hom Mali Paddy, price 15,000 baht/ton, no more than 14 tons per household
  • Hom Mali paddy outside the area, price 14,000 baht/ton, no more than 16 tons per household.
  • Paddy rice, price 10,000 baht/ton, no more than 30 tons per household
  • Pathumthani fragrant paddy, price 11,000 baht/ton, no more than 25 tons per household
  • Glutinous paddy, price 12,000 baht/ton, no more than 16 tons per household

Procedure – money check channel

  1. Go to chongkho.inbaac.com website.
  2. Enter your ID card number and press search.

For those who receive money, the system will show information that “Transfer money successfully” will show the project name, account number, transfer date, BAAC branch and status.


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