Check the right to register for the state welfare card 2022. The results of the 2nd round will be published on 23 September.

Treasury opens to check the registration status of the state welfare card 2022, round 2 on September 23, 65, people who apply for a new card for the poor during September 9-15, 65, check quickly!

State welfare card registration 2022, a new round of poor people’s cards open for registration through the website. https://state welfare and registration agencies on 5 September-19 October 65 from those who are already applying for the new round poor card You can check the registration status on the website. https://state welfare Registration results will be published every Friday of the week.

The latest today (23 September 65) The Ministry of Finance published the results of the state welfare card registration 2022, round 2, those who apply for the new poor card in the period 9-15 September 65 can check the welfare card registration of the latest state 2022 on the website. https://state welfare

Here’s how to check state welfare card registration status 2022:

  • Go to the website or, then click on “Check Registration Status”.
  • Enter your ID card number and date of birth, then click “Check Information”
  • The system will display the registration status of the registrant.

More information about the state welfare card.

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