Check the status again this Friday. Register for state welfare card 2022, check now.

Keep cases updated Register for the state welfare card 2022 Second round status check The Ministry of Finance requires people who submit applications between September 9, 2022 and September 15, 2022, which will announce the registration results on Friday, September 23, 2022. Click to check status the second round of enrollment progress.State Welfare Registration Program Year 2022 Between 5 and 21 September 2022, 16,243,908 people have been registered, 9,393,022 registered through the website and 6,850,886 registered through registration agencies.

Application to register to join the project There is no registration fee. from people who are interested and have qualifications according to the project can receive the project form Available free of charge in all registration agencies. or you can download the project form on the state Welfare Card website as follows:

1. State Welfare Registration Scheme Form

2. Power of attorney for the bedridden disabled or the elderly

3. Government Welfare Registration Program Manual Year 2022

The Ministry of Finance reiterated that people can register everyone. Including people in the same family can register everyone. “Not one family, one right”

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In the case of the registered person checking the status and finding that The registration is incomplete Because check with the Provincial Administration Department database and find that “The Registrar has a spouse”, but the fact appears that the Registrar’s spouse is dead. and have the spouse’s death certificate Ask the registrant to check the registration status again.

However, for registrants who have “Registration status is incomplete” Other causes can be checked

The accuracy of the information can be obtained from the district office / district office. If the information is found to be incorrect, take corrective action to correct it. or if the registered information is found not to matchcivil registration information For example, the number of children under the age of 18 is greater than the information of the registered children In such cases, if a person is registered at the registration agency, they must contact the registration office to amend the information at the registration agency at the registered person Submit the registration form only. and for those who register themselves through the website contact to change the information at any registration agency which must be completed by Thursday, November 3, 2022.

For registered individuals who registered between 9 – 15 September 2022 and have a status showing the message “The Ministry of Finance has received your registration information in full.” You can check your registration status on Friday, September 23, 2022 through the website or get the registration agency’s verification by filling in your 13-digit ID number and date of birth.

Check the status again this Friday.  Register for state welfare card 2022, check now.

Checking the registration status will find a message that “Registration complete” Registrants of such groups need not take any action during this period by asking them to wait for the results of the eligibility check again.Publication of the examination results of the above qualifications during January 2023

However, for registrants who find the message that “Registration status is incomplete” because the registrant’s information does not match the Department of Provincial Administration database. The system will display a message indicating the reason for incomplete registration as follows:

1) Those who register as monks – novices – nuns

2) Registrant information not found.

3) The identity of the registered person is incorrect. died or moved abroad or sold

4) The registered person is not of Thai nationality.

5) The registered person is under 18 or the date of birth format is incorrect.

6) The registrant has a spouse

7) The registrant informs the spouse’s information incorrectly.

The registrant informs the complete number of children But the child’s ID card number is incorrect.

9) The registrar who informs the number of children is not complete Check the number of children and the ID card number of each child.

Reference – Krungthep Turakij and the Ministry of Finance

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