Check Your Fortune for Today and Have a Happy and Enjoyable Day: Tuesday, October 3rd

Check your fortune for today, Tuesday, October 3rd, and have a happy and enjoyable day.
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[대전인터넷신문=세종/권혁선 기자] Check your fortune for today, Tuesday, October 3rd, and have a happy and enjoyable day today.


the year of the rat

Born at 36 To prevent unexpected spending, try not to show pride among your acquaintances.

Born in 1948: Today you will have the power to make decisions in everything, so you may be noticed by those around you.

Those born in their 60s will receive the news they have been waiting for, and their financial flow will improve without any hindrance.

Born in 1972. If you push too hard, you may be criticized by those around you, so you need to be moderate.

Born in 1984 If you are arrogant because you know a little more than others, people around you may distance themselves from you.

Born in ’96 You have to open your heart first to move the other person’s heart, so show your true self.

Born in 2008 Even if conflicts arise with people around you, controlling your angry feelings will be a priority.

the year of the ox

Born in 37 Even if you feel like you are in a hurry, the best way would be to never rush today.

Born in 1949. If you don’t want to lose the trust of those around you, it’s best not to keep delaying your promises.

Born in 1961, this could be a day when problems that have been through trial and error begin to be solved one by one.

Born in 1973 Today is a day where you have to wait a little longer because you don’t get any clear results from what you are doing.

Born in 1985 Today is a day when you feel like trying to solve a problem quickly using unusual methods.

Born in 1997 If you have good luck today and take part in a meeting or a blind date, you can meet the opposite sex.

Born in 2009, it’s best to give up the impatience of not getting what you want and wait your turn calmly.


Born in 1938. This is a day when you can easily resolve the issue by asking for reconciliation with someone you have a rift with.

Born at the age of 50 If there are risk factors when working, organizing the surroundings in advance can prevent accidents.

Born in 1962 Better not to do the foolish thing of discussing victory or defeat without even starting.

Born in 1974 If you react quickly to situations with improvisation, you can seize opportunities in times of crisis.

Born in ’86 Transforming your image is the privilege of youth, so it’s a good day to take on the challenge.

Born in 1998, the Taohwasal is triggered, so you may turn a blind eye to the person you are putting all your effort into.

Year of the Rabbit

Born in ’39 It’s not bad to make a fuss about your health, so it’s always better to pay attention and take care of it.

Born in 1951, the reward for the sweat and effort you have consistently put in so far may be better than you think.

Born in ’63 Even if there is someone you don’t like, you should refrain from showing all your emotions and fighting.

Born in 1975 It is a time when new changes are needed, so it is better to act rather than worry.

Born in 1987, it is an advantageous day not to delay and act because you can achieve the goals you planned.

Born in 1999. Try to find out quickly if it is a situation to step forward or stay silent and react accordingly.


If you are a person in your 40s, a red light may appear regarding your health, so it is advisable to have a health check-up beforehand.

Born in ’52 Results may be late, so it is best to wait patiently and not be too impatient.

Born in 1964 If you overcome the tasks given to you with a strong will, you will be praised by those around you.

Born in 1976 There is nothing you cannot achieve if you continue to work hard and have the mindset to achieve anything.

Born in 1988 It is an advantageous day to go out and find something instead of sitting still and trying to get it.

Born in 2000 It is a good day to put future work aside for a while and spend happy time with friends.

year of the snake

Born in 1941 If you do not want to lose your wealth now, it is better not to be deceived by the sweet words of those around you.

Born in ’53 It’s a day when you need to take a step back, be self-respecting, and look at your surroundings.

Born in 1965 Today is a day when you must have firm faith because you may be shaken by the hand of temptation.

Born in 1977. Instead of complaining, it’s better to actively express what you want to say.

Born in 1989, this is a day when an unexpected disaster occurs or the work you’ve worked hard to achieve may turn out to be worse.

Born in 2001 Be careful not to give clumsy advice or advice because it could hurt the other person’s pride.

Year of the Horse

Born in 1942 Today, if you are patient and patient, you will see financial results, so try your best.

Born in 1954, it is better not to provoke the other person and cause problems than to create an excuse for a fight.

Born in 1966, this is a day when you need to be extra careful not to let anything that happens inside get out.

Born in 1978 It is a good day to think calmly about what you are doing and think carefully before moving on.

If you are a couple born in your 90s, this is the day you need a new idea that will make you closer.

Born in 2002 A hasty choice can lead to regret tomorrow, so think thoroughly before deciding.

Year of the Sheep

Born in 1943, you can prevent accidents by strictly controlling your door and being careful in everything you do.

Born in 1955, you may hear promising news from the south which will be congratulated by people around you.

Born in ’67 It’s a day when things go in a completely different direction to what you thought and the future becomes difficult.

Born in 1979, try not to feel jealous of what other people have.

Born in 1991 It is not helpful to be afraid or appear weak in front of many people.

Born in 2003 If you follow your studies or work quietly, you can feel joy in peace.

Year of the Monkey

Born in 1944. Instead of being lazy, it’s better to find even small things to do for your health.

If you are born in 1956, the size of your fortune will vary depending on your mindset.

Born in 1968 Before doing what you want to do, check to see if your preparation is complete and there are no defects.

Born in 1980 Excessive kindness can cause discomfort, so it is better to listen to the other person’s intentions.

Singles born in 1992 can boost their confidence by receiving date requests from unexpected places.

Born in 2004 Instead of following the easy and convenient path, you should choose the right path even if it is difficult.

Year of the Rooster

If you were not born in 1945, it would be best to take the time to arrange your place and leave.

Born in ’57 Now, it would be more practical to gradually build your inner self rather than improving your outer appearance.

Born in ’69 It’s not easy to see the results of your hard work, so it’s best not to be too disappointed.

Born in 1981 Today, it is wise to make a bold decision to give up anything other than work.

Those born in 1993 can become greedy for money and become extremely obsessed with money.

Born in 2005, if you don’t hide your mistakes and discuss them with your elders or parents, you will be able to solve them easily.

year of the dog

Born in 1946. It is wise not to dwell too much on the past and adapt quickly to reality.

Born in 1958 It is useful to listen to and accept the opinions of those below you in the work you are doing today.

Those born in their 70s have a weak sense of achievement, so it is better not to plan than to proceed irrationally.

Born in 1982, it will be useful to believe in your own thoughts and not be influenced by what other people say.

Born in 1994 Today, you may develop a mind that you can understand no matter what you do.

Born in 2006 People who are in an unfaithful relationship can get into people’s mouths, so be careful.

the year of the pig

Born in 1947 If you are just looking forward and keep running, the most important thing now is to regain your health.

Born in ’59, your health energy is rather weak, but financially, you are on the upswing.

Born in 1971, if you always move forward with a positive mindset that you can overcome, luck will come your way.

If you were born in 1983 and intend to move, this is a lucky day for you to move on.

Born in 1995 Today is a day when you can recharge your body and mind by taking some time alone.

Born in 2007 The more you move, the more money you could lose, so it would be better not to go out.

Reporter Kwon Hyuk-seon

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