“Cheerful Hyunnam”… ‘The Glory’ Yeom Hye-red, wearing thick lipstick and writing a letter [화보]

Yeom Hye-ran left a video letter to Kang Hyeon-nam from ‘The Glory’.
Actor Yeom Hye-ran, who created a life character through the role of Kang Hyeon-nam in Netflix’s ‘The Glory’, was released in the April issue of the fashion magazine ‘ELLE’.

On the 30th, Yeom Hye-red’s agency, Ace Factory, unveiled the live photo shoot site through its official YouTube channel and mail. First, in the behind-the-scenes video, Yeom Hye-ran wears thick red lipstick and smiles brightly, just like Hyeon-nam from ‘The Glory’, causing viewers to become overly engrossed in the character as if they were peeking in. Hyun-nam Kang’s happy future. Since the pictorial concept was ‘Kang Hyeon-nam’s happy vacation’, in the following video interview, when asked about the destination Hyun-nam would go on vacation, Yeom Hye-ran said, “I believe that Hyun-nam would like to go. to ‘Hawaii’. Many things Hyun-nam looks at are symbolic, but when it comes to ‘holiday’, it’s ‘Hawaii’, he replied with a bright smile, conveying a unique cheerfulness Hyun-nam. Then, in the video letter to Hyun-nam, “Hyeon-nam, let’s laugh a lot now. live cheerfully And it will stay with me for a long time. Let’s be happy,” conveyed a heart special and loving to the character.

Photo iMBC Entertainment News
Along with this, a behind-the-scenes photo of Yeom Hye-ran’s coolness and naturalness was revealed in Ace Factory’s official post. In the picture released earlier, Yeom Hye-red dazzles with Kang Hyun-nam’s trademark red lipstick, enjoying complete happiness. In the behind-the-scenes footage released, the image of ‘illustrious craftsman’ and then ‘acting artisan’ was clearly revealed. In particular, while showing a chic pose and a bright smile during the photo shoot, the playful and comfortable charm that can only be seen in the behind-the-scenes cut made the viewers smile together.
Yeom Hye-ran was loved as the favorite character of global viewers by lovingly completing Kang Hyeon-nam, a character who suffers domestic violence in the drama but does not lose her cheerfulness. Next, Netflix’s ‘Mask Girl’ is set to be released in the third quarter, and the TV drama ‘Amazing Rumors 2’ is in full swing. Expectations are gathering for Yum Hye-ran’s acting activities, which is believing and seeing.

iMBC Hoyoung Lee | Image source: Ace Factory

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