Cheers to Thai football to continue with the 10th WAFF Middle East National Championship 2023

happyChang Suek Thai national team continue in the next tournament, which will coincideFIFA Day A 7-time ASEAN Champion was invited to participate in the competition.footballa list 10th WAFF Championship or the Middle East National Football Championship hosted by the United Arab Emirates

this item Thai national team Traveling to compete between March 20 – April 2, 2023, with 12 countries taking part in the competition, namely the United Arab Emirates (host), Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia , Syria, Yemen and Thailand FIFA Day game and War Elephants can call the best set of players. And this tournament will be a great opportunity to collect FIFA Ranking points to move up the world rankings. Before the 2026 World Cup qualifying draw continues

By competing in this programme, 12 teams will be divided into ABC lines, 4 teams per line, the group champion and the second best team. move on to the next semi-finals, which Thai national team definitely play at least 3 games in the group stage

While the world is for every nation as follows

  • Saudi Arabia (World Rank 49)
  • Iraq (world rank 68)
  • United Arab Emirates (ranked 70th world)
  • Oman (World Rank 75)
  • Jordan (World Rank 84)
  • Bahrain (World Rank 85)
  • Syria (rank 90 world)
  • Palestine (World Rank 93)
  • Lebanon (World Rank 100)
  • Kuwait (world rank 148)
  • Yemen (world rank 154)
  • Thailand (World Rank 111)

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Pol. Gen. Dr. Somyot purple bush The president of the association revealed that the association and the coaching staff team had meetings together continuously. to prepare the Thai national team before taking part in important tournaments such as the World Cup qualifiers, including the Asia Cup final which will be contested in the following

The association notified the interest in sending a team to participate in the 10th WAFF Championship football tournament in the United Arab Emirates. Between March 20 – April 2, 2023, WAFF has sent a letter confirming the right to participate in competition regulations and a competition program for the association to progress to the next stage

After this, the Thai League Company was assigned to coordinate with the member clubs. adjust the competition program accordingly and appropriately for the preparation of the Thai national team in making such football matches and I believe that this football program will benefit the Thai national team Including Thai players who have participate a lot in this competition

Photo courtesy of Thailand national football team.