Chef Jung Chang-wook, drunk driving… This time, he was charged with threatening an acquaintance with a weapon.

Arrested for threatening a friend with a weapon
4th-generation Korean-Japanese residing in Japan to appear on TV shows and announce their names

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Famous chef Jung Chang-wook has been charged with threatening an acquaintance who was present at a drinking party with a weapon.

According to the police on the 21st, the Jongno Police Station in Seoul is investigating Jung on charges of special assault, special intimidation, and insults.

A, an acquaintance of Jung, is said to have filed a complaint with the police in August last year, claiming that Jung assaulted him and another colleague in Hawaii. Person A also claims that Mr. Jeong threatened with a kitchen knife.

As the complaint was received, the police arrested Jung and conducted an investigation.

Jeong, a 4-year-old Korean-Japanese, appeared on JTBC’s ‘Take Care of My Refrigerator’ and made his name known.

On May 9, last year, on a road in Jung-gu, Seoul, Jung was caught driving in a state of intoxication (0.167% blood alcohol concentration) that exceeded the license revocation standard (0.08%) and received a summary order of a fine of 15 million won in June last year. became known late. This was the second drunk driving conviction following 2009.

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