Chef Jung Chang-wook for ‘knife attack and threat’ sentenced to 10 months in prison

Chef Jung Chang-wook sentenced to 10 months in prison

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The famous chef Jung Chang-wook (42), who is accused of threatening and assaulting an acquaintance who was present at a business drinking party, was sentenced to prison in the first case.

On the 21st, Judge Heo Jeong-in, the 17th independent criminal of the Seoul Central District Court, sentenced Jung to 10 months in prison on charges of intimidation and special assault. However, Jung was diligent in the trial process and avoided being held in court considering the opportunity to reach an agreement with the victim.

The court noted, “The accused has a very bad quality of crime, such as threatening an acquaintance who was helping his YouTube with a knife.”

“The defendant deposited a certain amount for the victim, but the victim’s damage cannot be considered recovered, and the victims are pleading for a severe penalty against the defendant.”

After filming on YouTube in Hawaii in August last year, Jung has been accused of assaulting or using offensive language with Mr.

It was investigated that Jeong threatened them by stabbing them in the head and chest several times because they did not like the questions asked during the interview, then pointed a weapon at them and put them on the desk. In June last year, during a discussion about filming on YouTube in a restaurant in Seoul, Jung was found to have threatened Mr.

In the decision trial held on the 19th of last month, the prosecution demanded one year and six months in prison for Jung. At the time, in his final statement, Jung said, “I am sorry for giving the victim a terrible memory because of what happened at that moment.”

Reporter Kwak Jin-woong

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