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Chelsea beat Real Madrid and Manchester City 2:0 at home in the UEFA Champions League final

2021-05-06 13:11:06

Source: Xinhua News Agency

Reporter Xiao Yazhuo Zhang Wei

Within three years, the UEFA Champions League final will stage the Premier League “civil war” for the second time! In the second leg of the Champions League semi-final on the 5th, the Premier League Chelsea defeated Real Madrid in La Liga 2:0 at home, with a total score of 3:1 in the two rounds, and Manchester City, which eliminated Paris Saint-Germain the day before. “finals.

This is also the first time Chelsea have advanced to the Champions League final after nine years.

In the first round, the two sides fought 1:1 at Real Madrid’s home court. Coming to Stamford Bridge Stadium, although Chelsea are at a disadvantage in possession rate, they frequently use counterattacks to threaten the opponent’s goal, shooting twice as many times as Real Madrid.

In the 28th minute, Havertz single-handedly shot the crossbar in the counterattack, and Werner caught up with the header in time to make a goal, Chelsea took the lead.

In the face of Chelsea’s strict defense, Real Madrid hardly got a good chance of scoring. Instead, they rushed to the defense line many times. Thanks to several brave saves by goalkeeper Courtois, the game did not lose suspense prematurely. However, in the 85th minute, Real Madrid’s gate finally fell again. Kanter intercepted the ball in the frontcourt and divided the ball to Pulisic on the right. The latter faced the attacking goalkeeper and crossed the ball to the center. Mount grabbed a point to score and set the score to 2:0.

The Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City will be held in Istanbul, Turkey on May 29. It is worth mentioning that the two teams will also meet in the Premier League this weekend, and as long as Manchester City can win, they will win the league title three rounds ahead of schedule. (Finish)

edit: Chen Haiyin

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