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Chelsea overtake Liverpool, hijack Man City!

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Pool shop, good city, adjust the price of the Premier League champion again after Manchester City and Liverpool did not win the match, leaving Chelsea to stand out on one team.

British bookmaker William Hill has raised prices for Chelsea over Liverpool to become the second favorite to win the 2021/22 Premier League season after playing 10 games. Luz leads the crowd, leaving the Reds 3 points and five points clear of reigning champions Manchester City.

Chelsea just showed a good form to beat Newcastle United 3-0 on Saturday October 30, while two important rivals Liverpool can only open home to draw Brighton 2-2 and Manchester City to. and losing to Crystal Palace 0-2 at home.

The good city pool shop also gave Manchester City the 1st favorite at the price of 11/8 (stabbing 8, paying 11, not including the capital), while Chelsea is the second favorite, the odds are down to 23/10 (stabbing 10, paying 23, not Total capital) Liverpool side, losing favorite 3, price 5/2 (stabbing 2, paying 5, excluding capital)

Premier League Championship Odds

1. Man City 11/8 (stab 8, pay 11, excluding capital)
2. Chelsea 23/10
3. Liverpool 5/2
4. Manchester United 40/1
5. Arsenal 100/1
6. West Ham 150/1
7. Spurs 200/1
8. Leicester 250/1
8. Everton 250/1
10. Brighton 500/1
10. Wolves 500/1
10. Aston Villa 500/1

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