Chelsea Secures New Sponsorship Deal with Infinite Athlete: Finally Revealed in Fulham Victory

Title: Chelsea Secure Victory over Fulham with New Sponsor Debut

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Date: October 2, 2023

In an eagerly awaited match at Craven Cottage, Chelsea emerged triumphant with a 2-0 victory over Fulham in the English Premier League. However, fans had to wait until the seventh game of the season to witness Chelsea don their new sponsor, “Infinite Athlete,” on their shirts. The club had recently signed a lucrative deal worth a minimum of £40 million per year with the major US technology company.

After months of speculation, the official announcement was made last Saturday, following the Premier League’s approval. Despite this delay, the wait was finally over for fans eager to see their team sport the logo of their new sponsor. It marked the end of three contracts with old sponsors, paving the way for the collaboration with Infinite Athlete.

Chelsea manager, Mauricio Pochettino, opted for a lineup that was consistent with their recent victory against Brighton in the Carabao Cup. With nine players injured and two suspended, he made minimal adjustments. Armando Broya was given the forward position, replacing Nicholas Jackson, who was serving a suspension due to accumulating 5 yellow cards.

Chelsea had a chance to take the lead within the first two minutes of the game when Broya found himself with an open net. However, he missed the opportunity, shooting the ball over the crossbar. Fulham’s defensive mistakes allowed Chelsea to quickly gain the upper hand. In the 18th minute, Levi Colville’s precise assist set up Mikailo Mudrik to score the opening goal. Just a minute later, Tim Ream’s error led to Broya’s shot being deflected into the net, securing Chelsea a 2-0 lead.

While Fulham struggled to create an effective offensive game, Chelsea displayed an improved attacking performance. Mudric, particularly notable for his left-sided attacks, constantly troubled the Fulham defenders. He notched his first goal for Chelsea, making it 1-0 in favor of the visitors. Cole Palmer, though relatively quiet throughout the match, played a key role in the second goal.

Chelsea capitalized on their attacking prowess, creating 11 scoring opportunities and converting two of them into goals. Raheem Sterling, who came on as a substitute, failed to make a significant impact, adding no further threats to Fulham’s defense.

Despite the victory, Chelsea faced setbacks in the form of injuries. Mudric and Broya were substituted at the start of the second half due to knee issues, while Moses Caicedo had to leave the field during injury time. The severity of their injuries and their recovery time will be further assessed.

With this win, Chelsea secured their second consecutive victory under Mauricio Pochettino’s management in the 2023/24 Premier League season. With 8 points comprising of 2 wins, 2 draws, and 3 losses, they currently sit in 11th place, just one point behind Manchester United. The recent clean sheet and impressive defensive performance have raised hopes among Chelsea fans. However, it remains to be seen if this will be a turning point that propels them to the top of the table. Pochettino still has several injured players, and the upcoming matches against Burnley and Arsenal will serve as a true test for the team.

Looking ahead, Chelsea will face Burnley on October 7th before the international break. Following the break, they have challenging fixtures, including a highly anticipated clash against Arsenal on October 21st. If they can secure maximum points from these next two matches, Chelsea will undoubtedly have reasons to celebrate.

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Programme: English Premier League Football 2023/24
Competition day: Monday 2 October 2023
Stadium: Craven Cottage
Match result: Fulham 0-2

Better come than be late. Better late than never, with fans having to wait until the seventh game of the new season for Chelsea to be able to fill their shirts with new sponsor “Infinite Athlete”.

In fact, the news about this sponsor has been around since before the opening game of the new season against Liverpool on August 13, after the contracts with the three old sponsors have expired and they will turn to companies big money gambling. The FA plans to suspend the purchase of these pool shop shirts soon.

The Daily Mail has since reported that Chelsea have reached an agreement with Infinite Athlete, a major US technology company. It’s already done. to receive at least 40 million pounds of financial support per year

However, until the Premier League approves the deal, It is very late and Chelsea were only officially revealed last Saturday.

Fulham FC v Chelsea FC – Premier League / Ryan Pierse/GettyImages

In a row that is not considered a surprise (and can not adjust much When 9 injuries, 2 more are banned) Mauricio Pochettino Take the first 11 from the last game won. Brighton 1-0 in the Carabao Cup mainly, adjust only where necessary. Armando Broya He started in the forward position in place of Nicholas Jackson, who was suspended for accumulating 5 yellow cards.

Chelsea should have taken the lead after 1 minute and 20 seconds when the ball poured in their direction. Broya Bring the ball in to break away from the local goalkeeper Bernd Leno and leave only an open net. With 2-3 Fulham players on the goal line it appeared that the Albanian striker had shot a spoon under the ball and driven it high.

However, Fulham’s next two mistakes put Chelsea within reach. “The Pole Position” For winning this game from the first 20 minutes of the game.

In the 18th minute, the Fulham home side opened up space for Levi Colville to pass all the way up the left and scoop it out correctly for Mikailo Mudrik to shoot past Leno.

In the 19th minute, Tim Ream kicked to open the game and was caught by Cole Palmer and then young winger Singha passed it on to Broya, who had Tim Ream back down to kick and block again. But in a fraction of a second he still managed to kick and hit Broya to the left until the ball luckily bounced into the goal.

Hit by these two goals, Fulham were in trouble, especially today when the offensive game was completely ineffective. Single striker piece Raul Jimenez (Carlos Vinicius was the second half) they both hit. Thiago Silva with Dissasi Axel It’s easy to shut down.

Fulham FC v Chelsea FC – Premier League / Bryn Lennon / GettyImages

In contrast to Fulham’s head-shaking offensive game. The problem with Chelsea’s offensive game seems to have always been a problem that hurts fans’ hearts. disappeared today

Mikailo Mudric Particularly noted for attacking from the left. Creating flashes and problems for the Fulham defenders, always getting headaches. From the first minute Broya turned on his own to shoot over the crossbar. And later he was the one who opened the scoring 1-0, which was his first goal in a Chelsea uniform after playing a total of 24 games.

Armando Broya He scored his first goal of the season (2nd goal playing for Chelsea’s senior team) and despite showing his lack of consistency and “new again” There is some sway. But I tried to work harder. and play with good ball sense to penetrate the home defence.

Cole Palmer Today may be a bit quiet, not up to the expected standards. But he was directly involved in the 2-0 goal.

And throughout this game, Chelsea created 11 finishing chances in the fourth frame, most importantly, turning them into scores with 2 goals.

It turned out to be the most disappointing thing Raheem Sterling who came on as a substitute to replace Broya in the 64th minute apart from playing incorrectly, There is still pressure and threats behind the house and Fulham are not adding anything at all.

Fulham FC v Chelsea FC – Premier League / Nigel French / Allstar / GettyImages

However, on the positive side of breaking in, after scoring a goal and having three points in their pocket, Chelsea have yet to be subject to constant “bad news”.

Mikailo Mudric Played well, but only had a chance to show things in the first 45 minutes and was substituted straight away at the start of the second half.

Armando Broya Knees fall in a heap. Although it was not heavily attacked It must be removed after an hour has passed.

Injury time is lost. Moses Caicedo Had to stumble off the field

All 3 patients must wait to check their symptoms further and how much pain they have.

Fulham FC v Chelsea FC – Premier League / Bryn Lennon / GettyImages

Victory arrived, here is a second victory Mauricio Pochettino and play in the 2023/24 Premier League

8 points from 2 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses, leading Chelsea to move into 11th place, behind Manchester United One point

It was also a win in 2 games in a row (1-0 Brighton, 2-0 Fulham) keeping a clean sheet without conceding a goal in 3 of the last 4 games.

But again, that’s it. It will be expected that this will be a “turning point” that will bring Chelsea back to their favorite place. Can I have the row on top of the table? Perhaps it is still too early to give an answer.

Because don’t forget that 1. Pochettino still has a lot of injuries and 2. he lost 3 more people as per the topic above.

This weekend, Chelsea will attack. Burnley Saturday 7 October and then go into the national team break. Then, after the national team queue There are brutal programs like dealing with Arsenal Wait (21 Oct.)

If you can pass the next two cues with a full 6 points, then you’ll be smiling happily.

Fulham FC v Chelsea FC – Premier League / Nigel French / Allstar / GettyImages

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