Chelsea VS Everton 2-2 (highlight clip): Taffy cheated and died chasing Singha.

Chelsea vs Everton: Result 2-2 Unfortunately, the hosts “Sing the Blues” missed an opportunity to gain 3 points after being equalized by the away team “Toffee Blues” at the end of the second half, with Chelsea getting two goals from Joao Felix and Kai Hawe. Barrtz’s goal each puts them 10th on 38 points, while Everton, scored by Abdullay Doucoure and Ellis Sims, are 15th on 26 points.

Premier League Football 2022/23

Chelsea 2-2 Everton

English Premier League Football Match 2022/23 Saturday night, March 18, 2023 “Sing the Blues” Chelsea open field Stamford Bridge welcome a visit “Blue Toffee” Everton

Premier League football highlights : Chelsea – Everton

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The start of the first half in the 4th minute, Chelsea greeted first of the rhythm of collecting things. Mateo Kovacic shines on the edge of the penalty area. The ball flew, but stuck a little too much. make it out a little later

In the 20th minute the hosts of the Blues almost took the lead from the moment Ben Chilwell flowed the ball into the penalty area and Joao Felix ran into a full charge, but Jordan Pickf Nord came out to break the ball in fast, narrowly escaping the goal

In the 35th minute, Everton were awarded a dangerous free kick outside the penalty area and Demarai Gray shone wide, but unfortunately stuck to the wall.

Minute 45 + 1 Chelsea got a free kick and that was it Kai Havertz plays the ball flow formula Blocking the penalty area for Enzo Fernandez to run and shoot. The ball went into the frame, but was still attached to James Tarkowski, who managed to pull it off perfectly.

Half time is over, Chelsea 0-0 Everton.

Second half, 47 minutes, Chelsea’s defenders immediately opened the game. And at this moment when Ben Chilwell opened the box to the penalty area and Kai Havertz shot strongly, the ball was already in the goal, but Jordan Pickford fell and made a decisive save for Young 0-0

GOAL!! In the 51st minute, the Blues army took the lead until from the moment Joao Felix composed the ball with the left in the penalty area. and shoot immediately The ball is not very strong but it wipes the pole. Go into the net beautifully, Chelsea 1-0 up.

In the 54th minute, the visiting team of the Taffy Glas had a chance to counter from the moment Alex Iwobi got the ball in the penalty area. before opening the front door The ball goes to the chest, Dwight McNeill, the ball changes the way to the goal, but Kepa Arrizabalaga can still be received in an instant

GOAL!! In the 68th minute, Everton equalized from a corner kick. where the ball went to James Tarkowski, hitting the ball into Abdullai Ducourt, who was waiting in front of the door before heading, wiping, changing the way the ball went into the net immediately The team that visiting draws 1-1.

GOAL!! In the 72nd minute, Chelsea received a penalty from the minute James Tarkowski fouls Reece James in the penalty area and the killer is Kai Havertz, who tricks Jordan Pickford into a cold-blooded pass for the 2-1 goal

GOAL!! In the 88th minute, the visiting team the Taffy Glas Get an equalizer from Ellis Sims who gets the ball before dribbling to the penalty area. before throwing the ball past Kepa Arrizabalaga The ball went into the net very suddenly. Everton draw 2-2

Hosts Chelsea then attacked hard. but he can do nothing more Full time, Chelsea 2-2 Everton, split points. The home team has 38 points, position 10, while the Blue Toffee team has 26 points, position 15.

A list of 11 real players on the field

Chelsea : Kepa Arrizabalaga (GK), Wesley Fofana, Kalidou Koulibaly, Benoit Badiachil, Reece James, Ben Chilwell, Enzo Fernandez, Mateo Kovacic, Christian Pulisic, Joao Felix, Kai Havertz

Everton: Jordan Pickford (GK), Seamus Coleman, Michael Keane, James Tarkowski, Ben Godfrey, gay Idrissa, Abdullay Doucoure, Andre Onana, Alex Iwobi, Dwight McNeill, Demarai Llwyd

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