Chelsea vs Manchester United combined best 11… Manchester United, Ronaldo-Bruno ‘only two’ humiliation

[인터풋볼] Reporter Jung Ji-hoon= Best combined in England ahead of the big match between Chelsea and Manchester United11this is being revealed. Both teams have been called strong contenders for the title this season. 12After the round, we are walking on opposite paths, Man Utd is sweet 2I tasted the humiliation that included only people.

Chelsea and Man Utd 29day morning 1city 30minute(Korean time) Held at Stamford Bridge in London, England 2021-22season english premier league(EPL) 13play a round. Chelsea are currently on points 29by dot 1stomach, man united points 17by dot 12record above.

Both teams made strong reinforcements ahead of the season and were considered strong contenders for the title.. In particular, Chelsea took the helm of Chelsea during last season. genius tacticianAs coach Thomas Tuchel, who showed his ability without regret, took over the full season, expectations were high., With the signing of Romelu Lukaku and Saul Niguez, he was evaluated as a force capable of challenging the championship..

Manchester United had high expectations.. Even before the season, it was evaluated as the best transfer market of all time.. 2003from year 2009He played for Man Utd until god of footballCristiano Ronaldo grew up as 12returned after a year, ‘scorersolved the problem. Here 2They had the best transfer market by signing Jadon Sancho, who worked hard for more than a year, and world-class centre-back Rafael Varane.. Man Utd Bruno Fernandes, Existing key players such as Paul Pogba 3By adding more people, we were able to build up the power of candidates for the championship at once..

At the beginning of the season, both teams did well.. but lately it’s different. Chelsea recently 6match undefeated(5win 1radish)is leading the way with, Man Utd in the latest league 5in the match 1win 4Farah’s manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sacked after his worst performance.

This flow is best integrated11also reflected in. british football statistics media Whoscore.comBest combined ahead of Chelsea and Manchester United11It was revealed that the Chelsea player 9number of people, Manchester United 2was a person.

3-4-3 Ronaldo in the offensive line based on the formation, Bruno Fernandes, Odoi worked together, Midfielder James, jorginho, Loftuscheek, It was Alonso. 3one hundred silver chalova, Silva, Rudiger, The goal was kept by Mendy.. Manchester United do their part in attacking Ronaldo, Except for Bruno, no players were produced., midfield, defence, All goals were Chelsea players.


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