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Chelsea’s home up 3! Arsenal win in 10 years Get a chance to continue to win Europa League tickets

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Emil Smith Rowe penalized for the error of “Blues” to beat the goal for Arsenal to win a narrow 1-0 win, which is the first win in 10 years since 2011. “Big guns” to pass up to the 8th place to win tickets for the Europa League, Chelsea is still ranked fourth in the London derby English Premier League game last Wednesday night.

Stadium: Stamford Bridge

English Premier League football on Wednesday night, May 12, was a London derby match between Chelsea, who fell into 4th place, receiving a visit of Arsenal’s 9th place.

By the latest form of the pair, “Sing the Blues” form a sharp break to beat the Premier League championship this season, Manchester City 2-1, while “big guns” kick West Bromwich fall with relegation. Defeated 3-1, the statistics that have met in the last 3 matches, Arsenal have never been beaten by the Blues. But the cannon has never won since the last year of 2011 that attacked and defeated 5-3.

Thomas Tuchel needed three points to overtake Leicester to third again, this game resting Timo Werner as a substitute for Kaihavertz to stand in front of the target, with Mason Mount and Christian Pulisic helped the attacking game, and Miguel Arteta’s side arranged Pierre-Emerick Obameyn to use Martin Odegard to form the game with Emil Smithro. Snow and Bukayo Saga

Opening the first half for the first 5 minutes, “Sing the Blues” greeted before after Christian Pulisic flowed into the center for Mason Mount to beat outside the box, but the ball was still lick and light to the hand Bernd Leno.

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In the 11th minute, Chelsea dropped the golden opportunity, unfortunately after Gabriel Magalnez passed the ball back after Pablo Marie was too short, hitting the ball before Kaihavertz slipped into a duel. With Bernd Leno, but the forward shot disappointingly glided off the beam.

But became a “blues” that missed out on each other And this time, he even conceded a goal for the Cannon to take the lead 1-0 in the 16th minute from the moment Jorginho tried to return Kepa to the wrong side, the ball was rolling into his own goal. And even if Kepa had dashed before crossing the narrow line But still went into the Obameyung way, flowing into the middle for Emil Smith Rowe to run and beat easily

23rd minute, the home team rushes the game very hard to want the ball to equalize. This time the ball from Azpilicueta flowed through, allowing Christian Pulisic to slip into the frame before breaking from the backline for Mason Mount to smash the middle of the door, but still stuck in the blocking Rob Holding. Just fit

“Sing the Blues” also stormed into the 27th minute, Kai Havertz went down to get the ball before flipping the dribble into it and paid left for Mason Mount to fall into the first post but still go straight to Leno Safe

In 36 minutes, the cannon almost missed after Bukayo Saka was stolen by Ben Chilwell to steal the ball before slashing in the first post. Nani followed up to clear out in time.

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At the end of the first half, Chelsea were 0-1 behind Arsenal.

The second half came back to the field, with Thomas Tuchel solving the game by sending Callum Hudson-Odoi to play in place of Billy Gilmour.

In 55 minutes, Kaihavertz kept the ball in the frame before swiping off the right for Reece James to pay a short return to Hudson Odoi, running to hit the bar.

The home team also folded the field, penetrated hard into the cannon, 61 minutes, unfortunately equalized. After the ball from the corner kicked in, Kaihavertz hit the second pole for Christian Pulisic to follow repeatedly. But VAR insisted on not giving the goal as Pulisic was clearly in a forward position, making the score still Arsenal raided a 1-0 lead

At 65th minute, Arteta fixed the game, sending Hector Beyerin to play instead of Bukayo Saka, who was unable to show their form today, while Tukle replaced the second person. Out and sends Olivier Giroud down to meet the old team.

67 minutes, the first chance to win some “big guns” after the ball cross came to Beyerin to Odecard before the loan star from Real. Madrid will give Beyerin a run to beat but still go into the hands of Kepa Arrizabalaga.

The Blues despite a chance from Courtsuma in 67 minutes and two minutes from Giroud But the ball is still not in the frame The same goes for Arsenal’s side in the 71st minute after Kieran Tierney Cross came in for Odegard to fly the beam farther away.

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Pierre-Emerick Obameyan, this game against former boss Tukle, was still unable to play until Arteta had to take off and rest in 79 minutes before sending Alexandre La Casae. Matt came down to play instead.

In 90 minutes, Arsenal escaped a draw after Kurtsuma hitting Leno to push the crossbar, despite Giroud following a few more yards, but the ball continued to hit the crossbar.

But the rest of the game has no additional goals. Chelsea lost at home to Arsenal 0-1, a break to win the first time in 10 years since late October 2011, resulting in the Blues still. Continuing to hold 4th place, Cannon went up to 8th place and had a chance to win tickets to continue playing the Europa League.

List of players of both teams

Chelsea (3-4-2-1): Kepa Arrie Sabalaga-Cesar Azpilicueta (Hakim Ziyek n.78), Thiago Silva, Kurtsouma, -Reece James, Bill. Li Gilmour (Callum Hudson-Odoi, n46), Jorginho, Ben Chilwell-Mason Mount, Christian Pulisic-Kaihawat. Z (Olivier Giroud, p.66)

Manager: Thomas Tuchel

Arsenal (4-2-3-1): Bernd Leno-Rob Holding, Gabriel Magalghes, Pablo Marie, Kieran Tierney (Hector Beyerin. 65 ( Calum Chambers, n. 88)) – Thomas Spartey, Mohamed Elnani-Bukayo Saka, Martin Odegard, Emilsmi. Throw-Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Aleksandre Lacazette n.79)

Team Manager: Miguel Arteta

Referee: Andre Mariner

Chelsea's home up 3!  Arsenal win in 10 years  Get a chance to continue to win Europa League tickets

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