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  [cp]#陈赫把我拍的像地主家傻子#@陈赫发博称自己在#哈哈哈哈哈# was filmed like the landlord’s stupid son[哈哈]A Luhan, a Deng Chao and a tuo of Chen Hehahahahaha, so how many catties will Chi Chi set a goal to lose?


  The variety show was so interesting last night!Three people are squeezing into one bed, and the bed is full as soon as Chen He goes to bed, hahaha[笑cry][笑cry] A tuo of Chen Hehahaha!


  Chen He is really too funny. He posted that this show made himself like a landlord’s stupid son! I want to lose weight! Wait for me! ! ! This paragraph really made me laugh, looking forward to the success of He Ge’s weight loss!


  I think Chi Chi will lose weight after participating in hahahahaha[允悲][允悲][允悲][允悲]Deng Chao and Lu Han should have a long memory, and next time they said nothing to squeeze in the same bed with Chen He.


  This show really brought a lot of happiness. Just when three people slept, I laughed so much that I didn’t want it. Looking forward to the next show, I will definitely have a lot of laughs. I will continue to watch it.






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