Chen Jiahui’s Low-Key Wedding at Five-Star Hotel in Shenzhen Sparks Rumors

Chen Jiahui Rumored to Walk Down the Aisle in Low-Key Ceremony

Wireless beauty Chen Jiahui has found herself at the center of wedding speculations as news of her nuptials surfaced unexpectedly. A leaked photograph even captured the starlet donning a sparkling wedding ring. When interviewed by Dongwang, Chen Jiahui chose to remain tight-lipped about the rumors, stating that while her wedding would be a public affair, she had no intention of divulging whether her boyfriend had indeed popped the question. However, fresh news has emerged today (26th), indicating that the couple has indeed set a wedding date, and the ceremony is slated to take place at a renowned five-star hotel in Shenzhen this Sunday, October 1. Despite maintaining a discreet stance, the pair appears unabashed in their excitement for the forthcoming event. Chen Jiahui’s brief hiatus from the popular series “Hello, My Doctor” was apparently attributed to her busy wedding preparations.

The luxurious establishment where the couple plans to celebrate their union is rumored to require a minimum expenditure of 14,000 yuan (approximately 15,000 Hong Kong dollars) to cater to guests’ dining needs. If the grapevine is to be believed, the hotel proudly boasts a Michelin-starred chef whose culinary mastery promises to elevate the dining experience to unparalleled heights. Rumor has it that the groom-to-be, Calvin by name, hails from an influential background. The choice of a mainland location for the wedding was allegedly made to accommodate a wide array of attendees.

Love Blossoms for Chen Jiahui

On a separate note, Chen Jiahui recently startled many with the revelation of her blossoming romance.

As the buzz around their impending nuptials continues to dominate headlines, it remains to be seen how the couple’s low-key ceremony will unfold.

  • Chen Jiahui’s wedding rumors gain steam
  • Wedding date supposedly set for this Sunday
  • Affair to take place at a luxurious Shenzhen hotel
  • Banquets starting at NT$15,000

Chen Jiahui is rumored to be getting married on Sunday at a five-star hotel in Shenzhen in a low-key ceremony

Wireless beauty Chen Jiahui suddenly received news of her wedding earlier, and even a photo of her wearing a wedding ring was leaked. When she was interviewed by Dongwang, although she stated that her wedding would be public and that she had no plans to marry , avoid talking about whether her boyfriend had proposed The marriage news is suspicious and true. There is another news today (26th) that Chen Jiahui and her boyfriend have set a wedding date and will hold the wedding in a hotel in Shenzhen this Sunday (October 1) However, they are both shameless ok about the wedding. He said that Chen Jiahui was absent from the series recently. The promotion of “Hello, My Doctor” was due to busy preparations for the wedding. The five-star hotel where two people get married is widely rumored to have a minimum cost of 14,000 yuan (about 15,000 Hong Kong dollars) for all banquets and banquets, and is managed by a very luxurious Michelin chef. . It is also said that the fiance’s name is Calvin, he has a prominent family, and he chose a location on the mainland to hold wine in order to accommodate the guests.

Chen Jiahui suddenly revealed her love earlier.

There is news about a wedding.

It is said that he will marry this Sunday.

The wedding took place in a five star hotel in Shenzhen.

Prices start at NT$15,000 per banquet.

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