Chen Linong’s new album is the finale at the end of the year, and the gold medal lineup will be released and the irreplaceable unfinished will be continued_Xu Yuanting_佳旺_音乐

Original title: Chen Linong’s new album is the finale at the end of the year

On December 31 (Friday), Universal Music and Legend Star Entertainment’s all-round singer Chen Linong’s new album “Heliocentrism The Heliocentrism” will be launched on the finale, and the gold medal production team of the Chinese music industry is invited to jointly create it. Chen Linong once again revealed himself to the world through music, presenting a three-dimensional, comprehensive and vivid 21-year-old in front of the audience with rich and diverse connotations.

Chen Linong’s new album “The Heliocentrism” is based on the theme of “Heliocentrism”, and expresses around “self”, sending out his own warm and positive energy, infecting everyone who loves. It also showed the public the attitude of “face to the sun, it will shine”. The whole album Chen Linong will be the self-examination, growth confusion, emotional training, structured in a distinctive style of multi-music space. The album contains a total of twelve unique songs, reaching the twelve emotional relationship coordinates of Chen Linong. It is different from the past, and it has a first-line professional music team to carry out the production lineup, including Lin Junjie, Cai Jianya, Xiao Huangqi, Wei Li’an, Chen Jianqi, Jia Wang, Xu Yuanting, Chen Xinghan…and other music teams in today’s music world. Co-produced, tailor-made a piece of music with superior taste and ultra-high specifications for the 21-year-old Chen Linong.

With the help of many gold medal producers, Chen Linong’s new album “The Heliocentrism” combines different genres and themes: “The Sun of the First Mind” by the singer and composer Lin Junjie. The melody is full of vigor and positive energy. The lyrics of the new generation inspire the young people of the new generation not to forget their original aspirations and move toward the sun; the album of the same name “Heart of the Sun” was composed by the gold medal producers Jia Wang and Xu Yuanting. The words and sentences are laid out in gentle tones, and the end of the chorus is shown with all efforts. The strength and emotion of singing, as the song of the same name of the album, bears the outline of the album, and the warmth reveals firm strength; the almighty singer Xiao Huangqi’s tailor-made “The Gas Stove in the Old House” is sung by farmers to their mothers. A song by, also represents the mood of many foreign wanderers going out and working hard. I hope that this song will bring the deepest and warmest support and strength to all those who work hard for their dreams of leaving their homes. It’s worth mentioning that this is also the first challenge that Nong Nong challenged to Southern Hokkien songs; after singing and composing the song, Cai Jianya’s “Re-Choice” composed of lyrics and music is based on the current social situation as a creative background, which transforms the heavy text into a light tone, which is just right. “The Road to Happiness” is Chen Linong’s re-interpretation of the almighty singer-songwriter Wei Li’an’s work after “The Girl”, which is different from the youthful and lively of “Girl”, “The Road to Happiness” There are more worries of the teenagers, the alienation and struggle in the song, it is worth savoring the helplessness in the song in a quiet moment; “Reverse the Future” is a dance song for Nong Nong who once again challenges the sassy attitude, and strongly invites the gold medal producer Chen Xinghan Take charge of the production and examine the world from a new self-perspective; “Love Me More” is personally written by Chen Linong, and the graphic lyrics directly portray the heart of love vividly; the first song of the album “Turnover” “It is also composed by Jiawang and Xu Yuanting, with a lyrical and smooth style. I hope everyone can regroup and reconcile with the past when they encounter setbacks.

The plane vision of the album invited the new photographer Jiang Nan Nam to coordinate the shooting for the main vision. Based on the concept of the “galaxy universe” of the “heliocentric theory”, 8 sets of visual modeling were taken, and the interstellar universe was presented through multiple sets of scenes. The texture of the future space. Chen Linong is like a prince walking alone on the planet, exploring the mystery of life and the universe alone. His performance in front of the camera has also become more mature, showing the 21-year-old Chen Linong who has grown and transformed in all aspects through his perfect expression and physical presentation.

Since the first single “The Sour of Youth is Sweet” in August this year kicked off the new album, many fans have been looking forward to this album. The four first singles “The Sour of Youth” before the album went live. It’s also very sweet”, “Marry me tonight”, “Grow Up”, and “Will Not Leave” also received numerous praises. Since the official announcement of the album’s return to the calendar on December 20, it has filled the expectations of music fans and sparked extensive discussions among netizens. The album-related topics have repeatedly appeared on Weibo hot search charts.

At the end of the year, Chen Linong launched this new album “The Heliocentrism” with a musical force that is hard to ignore, bringing positive energy to everyone in his own unique way. There is firmness and freedom in life, but also a tribute to growing up; there is a youthful memory full of youthfulness, and there is also the unremitting pursuit of dreams. I believe this sincere album will definitely bring you a colorful listening experience.Return to Sohu to see more


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