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Chen Shengping small league coach wore golden saints to stay with CITIC Brothers | Sports | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

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Chen Shengping, a 20-year-old Taiwanese baseball player, went to the United States to start his minor league career. To his surprise, the enthusiastic and lively infield coach appeared in the practice uniform of the CITIC Brothers.

▲Chen Shengping minor league coach Jana wears a brothers jersey. (Photo/Central News Agency)

Chen Shengping played for the Diamondbacks Minor League 1A Visalia Rawhide. It is located in a small town in central California where agriculture and animal husbandry are the mainstay. He is far away from Los Angeles and San Francisco, but he is not alone, except for his Taiwanese teammate Lin Jiazheng. As a companion, one of the coaches is very familiar with Taiwan.

The minor league manpower is streamlined. The rawhide team has only 4 coaches. The head coach also serves as the pitcher during pre-match practice. The remaining 3 coaches guide the pitchers, strikes and defenses.

Defensive coach Darrin Garner has been to Taiwan 4 times since 2016, serving as the visiting coach of Fubon Titans, Unity Lions and CITIC Brothers. Now despite returning to the United States, Jana still wears the brothers’ practice clothes off the court. Chen Shengping couldn’t help but take pictures and share them on the community with the title “CITIC Brothers, Strong Attack”.

Jana has coached in the minor league for nearly 30 years, and has served as the highest infield defense coordinator of the Seattle Mariners’ minor league system. Chen Shengping told a reporter from the Central News Agency that he learned a lot of defensive concepts and passing skills from Jana. What he likes most is his lively personality.

Chen Shengping said that the coach would joke every time the coaching ended. He most often said to the players “Come and kiss me.” Every time Chen Shengping saw the coach, he had a good example, and he also joked “Come and kiss.” Lots of interesting interactions.

Chen Shengping said that Jana often talked about life in Taiwan, and when he used to be the infield coordinator of the Mariners minor league, he met Hu Jinlong who was playing in the United States at the time. Jana’s friend Tack Wilson is currently based in Taiwan and is a strike coach for the Brothers Second Army.

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