Chen Yanan’s “Golden Years” super crazy acting was named “Taiwan Version Thousands of Books”-MinTV News

Celebrity Chen Yanan performed in “Golden Years” at 8 o’clock in the popular TV show “Gao Xiaoqian”, a hotel daughter who has admired Chonghui (played by Gino) for more than ten years. Although she has a big family and is in charge of a five-star hotel, she is desperate and unscrupulous in order to chase love. Crazy for love time and time again, was blocked by netizens as “the Taiwanese version of Qian Shuzhen”, and even jokingly said that Kim So-yeon and Chen Yanan both have the word “yan”. Sure enough, they are the best candidates for interpreting the glamorous dark characters!

Chen Yanan spent one night in the eight o’clock stall in order to comfort the drunken Chonghui, making her mistakenly believe that they can achieve a positive result. Unexpectedly, Chonghui was reunited because of her girlfriend Cailing (played by Ye Jiayu), and Xiao Qian collapsed completely.. .Several emotional outburst dramas, under Chen Yanan’s interpretation, made the character transformation more hierarchical. In recent days, it has also caused a high degree of discussion on the Internet. The audience praised that only Chen Yanan can surpass Chen Yanan and play the role of the infatuated daughter. People love, hate, and feel distressed. Such high-tension acting skills are close to the topical character “Qian Shuzhen” in the Korean drama “Upper War”.

The actor Chen Yanan did double the effort for Gao Xiaoqian. She said, “Gao Xiaoqian is bad because of twisted love, so when she puts herself into the role, she thinks that this is the love Gao Xiaoqian wants. Gao Xiaoqian will make these irrational behaviors. It’s all because of crazy love, and because you can’t love it, the behavior is stronger…” After a few scenes, she yelled out of control and cried out… Gao Xiaoqian, do your best.” I also thank the viewers for their watching support, and revealed that the next Gao Xiaoqian “is not the most crazy, only even more crazy, please the audience and fans hold their breath and look forward to it.”

(Minshi News Network/Hong Yuru Comprehensive Report)


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