Chen Yinyu shovels green tattoos and suits with a “Guy” suit, he can’t recognize himself

Chen Yinyu’s new play has a very Jianghu flavor.

Amy Chen in order to cooperate with the new drama“Romeo and Zhu Yingtai” (tentative title))Modeling character, hairstyle becoming more blackSpade on both sidesgreen, There is a tattoo on the back of the hand, and wearing a suit has a big sister flavor in the rivers and lakes, which is different from the sweet line of the past. In an interview, she said she didn’t like the way she looked, and even asked when she had long hair, but she thought the sacrifice was worth it.

Yesterday, he shared a photo in the TV City dressing room, because of the lack of a smile in Chen Yinyu’s first selfie photo, and his shape, it can be said that “no strangers should be close”. She admitted that she couldn’t recognize herself, but thought it was a good thing, and said with a smile that the children couldn’t recognize her mother either when they got home.

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