Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships Team Competition Conducted All-Element Rehearsals to Ensure the Event Runs Smoothly

2022-09-21 10:44:13Source: China Central Radio and Television International OnlineEditor: Deng ChaoEditor in charge: He Jianling

At 8:20 on September 20, with all the teams in place, the 56th World Table Tennis Team Championship (Final) took place in 2022 Chengdu (hereinafter referred to as:Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships Team Competition) The Organizing Committee’s full-element drill officially began.

Photo courtesy of Chengdu World Table Tennis Championships Team Competition Organizing Committee training site

according toChengdu World Table Tennis Championships Team CompetitionThe Organizing Committee revealed that this exercise is based on the standard requirements of the ITTF and China Table Tennis Association for the event. According to the principle of “full experience and participation”, it will be divided into two parts at the same time. The first part is the competition organization and location operation drill, and the second part is the arrival and departure service drill.

The one-day drill is understood to include registration reception, certificate issuance, location operation, closed loop epidemic prevention, traffic scheduling, security inspection, audience service, technical officer service, information technology support, competition operation, media operation, TV broadcast, sports exhibition was held , award ceremony, press release, doping control, voluntary service, venue catering service, check service and other subjects, and special emergency drills for some emergencies.

The relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee submitted that through this exercise, the coordination and liaison mechanism between the different work departments of the Organizing Committee, the Chengdu High-tech Zone Management Committee, and the competition and non- competition are tested. The organization of the competition, venue operation, service guarantee, emergency response and other business work were tested, and the core elements such as the work points during the competition, the operation mechanism process, and the preparation of venue materials were refined and improved to ensure maintenance World Table Tennis Championships smoothly.

In the preliminary preparations between September 13th and September 19th, each participating unit will set up a special drilling class according to the business focus, draw up a drill work plan, implement the personnel selection, service guarantee, material allocation and issues others required for the drill. , and Organize and conduct desktop deductions or exercises to ensure that the preparations for each step and link of the exercise are implemented.

The relevant person in charge of the organizing committee said that after successfully conducting this drill, a full element and full process drill will be held before the game At the same time, the operation of the opening ceremony, television broadcast, sports exhibition, event execution and other key points will be repeated subject Drills. Work departments related to participation, competition field committees, and location centers will adhere to the orientation of the problem according to the implementation of the exercise, discover the problems that exist in the preparation work in this business area through the exercise , and makes firm corrections to be made. up for the shortcomings of the work, so as to lay a solid foundation to hold the event. A solid foundation. (Wen Wu Yaru)

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