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Cheol-gu “Divorce proceedings with Oe Ji-hye are over” What about property division?

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[이데일리 정시내 기자] Internet broadcaster (BJ) Cheol-gu (real name Lee Ye-jun) and BJ Oe Ji-hye (real name Jeon Ji-hye) are legally married.

On the 15th, on a live broadcast on Afreeca TV channel, Cheol-gu said, “Today (with Oe Ji-hye) I got a legal divorce,” and “I am legally single without any problems.”

BJ Cheol-gu (right), Oe Ji-hye. Photo = Oe Jil-hye’s SNS

He said, “Oe Jil-hye would have gone to court, but I didn’t, and I went directly to a lawyer.”

He continued, “There is a family court next to my house, and I hired a lawyer from the lawyer’s office right next door. I hope we can support each other.” He also shared about his daughter’s current situation and asked, “Please don’t leave strange comments about my daughter.”

Cheol-gu has custody of her daughter Yeon-ji. Earlier in June, Oe Jil-hye said, “I think it is good for the child to be raised by a father because it is difficult to pay off a large debt and raise a child with my own abilities because I have more debt than wealth.”

It is said that the division of the property was agreed to be 5 to 5.

Cheol-gu also mentioned the divorce in June and said, “I didn’t want to give a penny in the first place,” but he decided to divide his fortune 5 to 5. “He did a lot of good things,” he said. That’s right. In any case, he was kind to me and my daughter for 8 years. Please don’t insult me.”

Meanwhile, BJ Cheolgu retired in 2008 after working as a StarCraft pro gamer. Since then, he has been active in Internet broadcasting such as Afreeca TV and YouTube.

Cheol-gu and Oe Ji-hye registered their marriage first in 2014 and got married in 2016. They have one daughter.

Cheol-gu announced his divorce from Ji-hye Oe on a broadcast in May. Since then, controversy has arisen when they exposed their private lives, such as prostitution, gambling, domestic violence, and infidelity, about each other in their respective broadcasts.


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