Cheol-soo Ahn at UDC “Envy Estonia, which uses blockchain well”

“I saw the article in 2015 and I thought that blockchain would be an important trending technology. However, I have only seen Estonia as a country that uses blockchain well. Public trust was high. I was very jealous of that.”

Ahn Cheol-soo, a member of the People’s Strength Council, said that he visited the site of the ‘Upbit Developers Conference (UDC) 2022’ held at the Busan Port International Convention and Exhibition Center (BPEX) on the 23rd.

People’s Power representative Ahn Cheol-soo is questioned on the UDC 2022 website.

Representative Ahn Cheol-soo said, “The first thing that needs to be done is to implement a ‘digital platform government’.” “The data industry and artificial intelligence must be actively opened up to the private sector to exchange data without barriers between government departments. and public data that are not related to national security. “The industry can develop,” he said.

He continued, “Once such an environment is created, it is ideal for blockchain technology to be introduced from the ‘killer app’.” “In the current medical system, every hospital owns patient information. We can collect and use scattered data to provide more effective treatment.”

In addition, the field of food distribution management is also expected to be an active area of ​​blockchain.

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Representative Ahn said, “As the process of introducing blockchain infrastructure in foreign countries with 1.3 million people is successful, Korea will gradually expand the scale of blockchain introduction to Busan, and after success in Busan, expand the scale of introduction blockchain to Busan gradually, the megacities of Ul and Gyeong. Blockchain can become a major export industry,” he added.

Their views were also expressed on the current status of virtual asset policy implementation. Assemblyman Ahn said, “The state’s duty is to create a foundation for protecting investors and strengthening transparency.”

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