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Thiruvananthapuram: Former Congress leader Cherian Philip has been a CPM supporter for 20 years. He started his political alliance with the CPM in 2001 after losing to Oommen Chandy after being denied his preferred seat. However, Cherian Philip’s response shows that the relationship has broken down in recent times. Cherian, who refused to take over as vice chairman of the Khadi Board, criticized the government’s disaster relief efforts. Cherian, who shared the stage with Oommen Chandy the other day, jumped out and revealed that he was in a broken condition. Cherian Philip speaks to Manorama Online amid news that she is returning to Congress.

Is the CPM leaving the alliance and going to the Congress?

No decision has been made yet. Leaders from Congress are constantly invited. It is learned that KPCC president K Sudhakaran has invited him. I can not say anything without being officially invited and discussed. He will be ready to hold talks with Congress leaders if invited. At the same time, I am still on the left. If Pinarayi Vijayan or Kodiyeri Balakrishnan is called from the Left, he is ready to discuss with them. Ready to discuss with anyone. Only then will the decision be made.

He was a fellow passenger on the left, so what happened suddenly?

I have not changed from that position. I have not yet said a word against the Left. No complaints have been made to anyone about the positions of authority. I have not told anyone about my position except for the news in the media. Still not saying.

Are you mentally estranged from the Left?

Left leaders are ready to talk when called. Let me know if you need my service. If you do not need the service, say so. No such consultation has taken place with the CPM leaders. There has been no official invitation other than what Congress leaders say. It does not matter if any person in Congress is invited. There was no official invitation from the Congress, on the other hand, although I was not a member of the party, the CPM did not say that I had left. My position is to decide on the basis of discussions with both groups. You need to hear what both have to say. I have to make the decision. I have not been a member of the party for 20 years and am independent. I have not been expelled since I left Congress. I have to take my political stand through discussion. That discussion never happened.

Did the CPM ask for membership?

Neither I nor they asked for membership.

Is there a propaganda that the denial of a Rajya Sabha seat is the reason for the rift with the Left?

There is no fact in it. It was not me who said I was being considered for the Rajya Sabha, it was the media. I never told anyone.

Why not take up the post of Khadi Board Vice Chairman?

There is no time for writing a book. That means activists must take over if the party decides. It does not apply to me because I am not a member of the party. I have the right to accept and reject.

Pinarayi Vijayan was very supportive. Did that relationship fall apart?

There is no difference of opinion with Pinarayi Vijayan then and now.

Then why is Congress leaving the door open for discussion?

Everyone has the right to call me. The suggestions of the Congress and the CPM will be heard. I have the right to make the decision. You can also cooperate independently with both parties. I have not yet made a political decision.

Did you describe yourself as being in a broken state?

He was fired from Congress. The bone was broken due to the jump. That’s something everyone knows. No need to explain.

Do you think it was wrong to contest against Oommen Chandy?

When Oommen Chandy confessed to me at an awards ceremony, I reacted to it. When I told Oommen Chandy that I was wrong, I also felt that it was wrong to contest. When Oommen Chandy responded, I also said. Oommen Chandy has not said this for 20 years.

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