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cherry blossoms This is the national flower of Japan. As for spring, the cherry blossoms bloom from March to April. Japan often hosts events called Hanami (Hanami) Or cherry blossom viewing events in various places throughout the country, where tourists, both Japanese and foreigners, including Thai people, will not miss visiting once. but many people do not know In which month will the sakura bloom? As many people will plan a cheap travel trip.

Cherry blossom forecast in Japan 2023 (Information 3 Jan ’23)

1.Fukuoka (Fukuoka): Blooming begins on March 17, full bloom on March 27.

2. Tokyo (Tokyo): Flowering begins on March 20, full bloom on March 27.

3. Hiroshima (Hiroshima): Flowering begins on March 21, fully blooms on March 29.

4. Nagoya (Nagoya) begins to bloom on March 22, fully blooms on March 30.

5.Osaka (Osaka): Blooming begins on March 23, full bloom on March 30.

6.Kyoto (Kyoto): Flowering begins on March 24, full bloom on March 30.

7. Kanazawa (Kanazawa): Flowering begins on March 30, full bloom on April 5.

8. Sendai (Sendai): Start of flowering on April 8, full flowering on April 11.

9. Sapporo (Sapporo): Beginning of flowering on April 23, full flowering on April 25.

Cherry blossom viewing spots

1. Ueno Park, Tokyo (Ueno Park)

2. Meguro River, Tokyo (Meguro River)

3. Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden

4. Chidorigafuchi Park (Chidorigafuchi)


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